Why Every Woman Needs A Bitchy Bff – Hear Me Out

In the past, using the word 'bitch' was termed rude and unacceptable in society. However, that trend is slowly fading away. With the many movies using the term, women are now embracing it as their titles. Who is a bitch exactly? You would ask yourself. In simpler terms, she can be referred to as someone who is never scared of speaking out what's on the mind. Having a bitchy friend is amazing. Without saying much, here are some of the reasons why everyone should have at least one.

1. We always stand by the truth no matter what

More often than not, we are scared of telling our friends the truth. Well, mostly, the truth can be bitter to swallow, but as you know, honesty is important. The amazing thing is that a bitchy BFF will never be scared of telling you the truth point-blank. We're the type that reveals to you reality instead of false hopes. For example, we're never scared to tell a friend that a relationship isn't working no matter how heart-breaking that can feel.

2. We push you to be better

After many years of being a bitchy BFF, I've learned that I can't stand my friends sitting in the house, stressed after a break-up, for example. I'm always out there trying to give my heart-broken friends a reason to smile again. Trust me when I tell you that we have got the power to make you believe that the breakup was the right thing. In fact, within a single visit, you will be out there looking fabulous to the point of making your ex-boyfriend jealous.

3. We always encourage people to speak out their minds

Often, I come across friends who can't even start a simple conversation. Well, it's ok to be shy. Personally, I've never had a problem with initiating a conversation. Funny enough, I can never back down when being intimidated. Having a friend like me close to you is essential as you get encouraged to speak out what you feel or think without any fear. This trait is essential as it can help you along the way regardless of the setting.

4. We are natural-born leaders

I'm not sure how, but, we, the bitchy women are always aiming for top positions and higher goals. We always feel the urge to scoop the leadership position without any fear. I believe the fact that we are never scared of speaking out is the reason behind the continuous wins. This is one of the primary reasons you should have us on your list of friends. With us around, you will eventually develop some courage and interest in leadership or successful positions.

5. We are never scared of the cops

By saying this, I don't mean that we're trouble-makers. In fact, many of us have no criminal record. What I'm trying to say is that we the bitchy BFFs know how to deal with the cops in case a situation arises. We both know that cops can be unforgiving at times. But, this doesn't mean that you keep quiet and allow yourself to be intimidated. We, the bitchy women know how to approach the cops in a calm manner. It's for this reason that most women find us safe to be around as nobody knows when a cop or a similar situation comes knocking.