Why Don't Guys Like Blondes Anymore? (Answered)

For generations, it has been believed that men have a predilection for blondes. However, this notion may not hold water upon closer examination. Keep reading to find out why men's preferences for blondes may have shifted!

Is It True Guys Don't Like Blondes Anymore?

Recent studies have revealed that men's attraction to blondes may be waning. Nevertheless, surveys indicate that a minimum of 30% of men still regard blondes as the most desirable hair color. Furthermore, men often view blondes as having a healthier appearance and a more flirtatious personality compared to women with different hair colors.

It is important to note that hair color is not the determining factor for men. Ultimately, it is your unique personality and genuine character that will win a man's affection.

Why Don't Some Guys Like Blondes Anymore?

The perception of beauty is subjective, and the same goes for men's preferences in hair color. Regrettably for blondes and those who have dyed their hair blonde, this preference may be changing due to the following reasons:

1. Blondes DONT Have All The Fun (And Guys Know It)

The popular saying "blondes have all the fun" is no longer relevant as it has been proven to be false. In the past, blondes received a lot of attention, particularly in the entertainment industry and media. However, men have come to realize that many women opt to dye their hair blonde solely to draw attention to themselves.

2. Brunettes Are Cuter And Sexier

Nowadays, men are more vocal about their preferences and are not swayed by societal norms. The latest surveys indicate that a majority of men, over 60%, find women with brown or black hair to be more attractive than blondes. They view blondes and women with darker hair as equally alluring, but not necessarily more so.

3. Dark Haired Women Are The Most Sexually Attractive

Men seem to now have a greater inclination towards women with darker hair compared to previous years. They also consider women with dark hair to be the most sexually alluring out of all hair colors. Blonde women, beware as your dark-haired counterparts may now be considered rivals.

4. They Think Blonde Girls Are Shallow

Men often view blondes as simple targets due to the perception that they are shallow women who are trying to exploit men's supposed fondness for blondes. However, this notion can backfire as it can make them appear to be more approachable, leading to an influx of male attention. This is why men are often drawn to blondes in public settings - not necessarily because they find them more attractive, but because they believe them to be easier to pursue.

5. They Want Something Different

Many men are feeling a sense of ennui towards blondes, especially those who grew up in the early 21st century when it seemed like every celebrity and media personality was either naturally blonde or had dyed their hair blonde. As a result, they seek diversity and are drawn to women with brown, red, or black hair.

It is important to remember that your hair color is just a physical characteristic and does not define you. Anyone who cannot appreciate and see beyond that is not worth your time and attention.


What Color Hair Do Guys Find Most Attractive?

Based on surveys that polled men on their preferred hair color in the opposite sex, approximately 30% of men preferred brunettes, an equal number chose blondes, and slightly fewer, around 30%, chose women with black hair.

Do Guys Prefer Blondes Or Brunettes?

The traditional adage that blondes have all the fun and are favored by men is being challenged in recent times. Recent surveys indicate that blonde hair is becoming less popular among men and that brunettes and women with black hair are becoming more desirable.

What Is The Prettiest Hair And Eye Combination?

For years, the widely accepted notion has been that the sexiest hair and eye combination was blonde hair and blue eyes. However, the tide is changing, and a new pairing is emerging as the new favorite: dark hair and blue eyes.