Why Do You Obsess Over Every Single Guy When You're Single AF?

If you've been single for an extended period, things can start feeling desperate. You may find yourself retreating into a world of romantic fantasies that you don't actually pursue, and becoming fixated on every guy you encounter, even if you find him unappealing and lack any attraction towards him. It's perplexing, to say the least.

1. You're bored romantically

It's clear that perhaps you're not genuinely interested in dating someone, but rather miss the affectionate and romantic aspects of having a boyfriend. You desire all the positive experiences without putting in any of the hard work and effort that comes with it. You've tried doing it the difficult way before, but it hasn't worked out, so you're fed up with it. It can be frustrating to wish that the ideal partner would simply come across you.

2. You can no longer tell what's flirting vs. being friendly

It's been an extended period since anyone expressed genuine interest in you, to the extent that you can't even recall what that feels like anymore. Your longing for love and affection is so strong that you interpret any positive interaction from a man as flirting, even if it's just basic kindness. This can lead to confusion when you discover that a guy has a girlfriend or fiancée.

3. It feels safe to have crushes on guy friends

Sometimes it's simpler to maintain a friendship instead of pursuing a romantic relationship. Although you wouldn't necessarily consider dating them, it's pleasant to spend time with men who treat you well and appreciate you. When you're feeling especially single with no real romantic prospects, your friendly feelings towards them can evolve into something deeper, given that they're offering you something that you aren't receiving romantically.

4. Everyone is taken anyway

Perhaps the most secure sort of innocent infatuation is with your engaged or married guy friends. Although it might seem a bit strange, you have no intention of ruining anyone's relationship. The two of you can engage in playful teasing, and you can confide in him because you both recognize that he's strictly off-limits. This helps to alleviate any awkwardness or strangeness that might occur between you and your single male friends. You don't have to be concerned that a Taken Guy will misinterpret your intentions.

5. Not getting any makes you unreasonably horny

When you're not having sex, your mind may begin to wander towards sexual fantasies involving anyone and everyone. Your hormones can go haywire, causing you to find attraction in individuals who you would never consider in any other situation. It's not something that you can be blamed for - it's just your body's natural response to unfulfilled needs.

6. You start to find ridiculous stuff suddenly attractive

When you're incredibly eager to fulfill your sexual desires, you may find yourself oddly attracted to quirks and peculiarities that you would typically overlook. Certain men in your life may do things that you used to find bothersome, but now you find it endearing. However, it's merely a result of the sexual haze you're experiencing. Don't be fooled by these fleeting infatuations.

7. You romanticize randoms

Have you ever caught yourself gazing at an attractive individual in a coffee shop and concocting tales about them in your head? When you're lacking romance in your life, you may create a make-believe alter ego that does everything you can't. You can spin daydreams about destiny bringing you together with a stranger because you know it will never materialize. It's simpler to fantasize that way.

8. You romanticize friends you never saw that way before

Out of the blue, the guy whom you've been friends with for years and have never considered as more than a friend becomes oddly alluring. Since you have nothing else happening in your love life and no potential prospects on the horizon, you begin to perceive what's already in front of you in a new light. If you had something else going on, you wouldn't feel this way... and it will vanish as soon as you do.

9. Admit it — you hug your pillow at night and imagine it's a man

Let's face it, you've probably done this before. It's natural to seek solace by hugging a pillow when you long for the warmth of another person's embrace. However, it's quite different to envision a particular man embodied by that pillow. You're starting to enter Bridget Jones' territory. Just close your eyes tightly, and it's almost like that acquaintance whom you're obsessed with is right there beside you...

10. You find yourself making up romantic scenarios

The daydreams are endless! If you don't have an actual love life, you can certainly fabricate one in your mind. Choose a guy, any guy, and insert him into your narrative. You might catch yourself gazing a bit too long at that adorable co-worker of yours as you envision him professing his love in front of the entire office. Love seems so much simpler when it exists only in your thoughts.

11. You talk about random guys way too much

If your friends are starting to give you the side-eye every time you mention yet another random guy, it might be time to tone it down. You're not actually dating these men, and the chances are you won't date them, so it's best to try and act as normal as possible. This means suppressing those overwhelmingly horny thoughts and pretending you're not checking out the rear end of every guy who walks past. Nobody wants to hear about it.

12. You imagine far-fetched scenarios

If you have a crush on someone who is already in a committed relationship, it's not okay to think that it's fine to wait around for them to break up. This kind of thinking is harmful and disrespectful to the person's relationship. Instead, it's important to move on and find someone who is actually available and interested in you.

13. You're like a "crazy non-girlfriend"

You pine over guys you never even dated like they're your long-lost loves, but it's a bit much. Seeking male attention wherever you want is not the solution when you're single and longing for it. It can freak some guys out.

14. Any random acquaintance is now a romantic possibility

When you're super single, your mind can create unrealistic scenarios in which you and someone who's not even remotely available end up together. It's easy to get lost in these fantasies, but it's important to remember that they're not real. Instead of getting lost in your own head, consider taking action to meet someone who's actually available to date.