Why Do Men Look At Other Women When They Are Supposedly Happy Coupled Up?


As a male, I can offer some insight into the common occurrence of men gazing at other women while they are in happy relationships with their partners. It's a situation that many women have likely encountered, whether on a first date or in a long-term relationship. Although it may not indicate a desire to cheat, it can be irritating and rude. So, if you're interested in understanding why this occurs, here's my perspective.

1. Guys find other people attractive

To clarify, being in a committed relationship doesn't mean you can't find others attractive. Appreciating someone's physical appearance is a natural reaction and doesn't indicate a lack of investment in the relationship. It's also important to acknowledge that women are attracted to other men while in relationships, and men may struggle more with controlling their urge to look when they see an attractive woman.

2. It's a reflex

As previously mentioned, it's natural and almost instinctive to find someone attractive, and men have a tendency to look. Glancing at an attractive woman as she passes by is almost an involuntary response for men, ingrained since adolescence when we first discovered our attraction to the opposite sex. It can become a habit that's challenging to break, and sometimes we're not even aware that we're doing it because it's become a subconscious reflex. While this isn't an excuse, it's essential to recognize that it's a common behavior for men.

3. Men are visual creatures

It's widely acknowledged that men tend to be more visually stimulated and less emotionally oriented than women. Seeing something can often evoke more excitement than feeling something. Additionally, men have a tendency to seek out novelty, which explains why we may glance at an attractive woman we haven't seen before.

4. It's fun

Let's be real, looking at attractive women is enjoyable. Is that really so difficult to understand? While it's true that staring at other women can be hurtful to the person you're with, most men don't consider this in the moment and view it as harmless fun. I can assure you that most of the time, it's just innocent looking and men have no intention of acting on it. So what's the harm in that?

5. He's not giving you his full attention

Admittedly, sometimes it's our fault. Decent guys will usually try to give their undivided attention to their partner, so they're not tempted to glance at anyone else. However, it's important to note that this requires effort, and we're not always successful. Sometimes, an attractive woman can momentarily distract us, and we slip up.

6. Sex is usually on our minds

It's no secret that men tend to think about sex frequently. This can make us more vulnerable to looking at other women, not because we're planning to be unfaithful, but because we're inherently curious about what it would be like to sleep with someone we find attractive. It's a brief thought that crosses our minds for a few seconds when we see an appealing woman, which is why we may sneak a glance. It's not necessarily the most admirable behavior, but it's how our minds work.

7. We're arrogant

I want to clarify that this behavior doesn't apply to all men, but some guys can be overly confident and conceited when it comes to checking out other women. They believe they're being subtle and secretive, and that their partner won't notice. These men are arrogant enough to believe they can get away with it, even if their partner is right there with them. Of course, this is usually not the case. However, just because it's wrong doesn't mean that men won't engage in this behavior or think these thoughts.

8. We don't realize it hurts you

I want to clarify that not all men realize that women can be bothered by their checking out another woman. It's a natural instinct for men, and they often don't realize it's a big deal. However, if a woman communicates that it bothers her, good men will make an effort to stop. Breaking this habit is difficult, but it's important to try. While it's true that men have a flaw in their inability to stop looking at other women, it doesn't necessarily mean they're not invested in the relationship.

How To Get Men To Stop Looking At Other Women

The truth is, it's a challenging question, and there might not be a definitive answer. As I mentioned earlier, it's a natural behavior that's hard to eliminate from our psyche. However, if this habit is becoming a significant concern in your relationship, and you want to address it, there are a few options you could try. Please note, though, that there aren't many alternatives available.

1. Tell him straight up that it bothers you

If your partner's habit of looking at other women bothers you, it's important to communicate your feelings to him. He might not be aware of the impact his actions are having on you, and bringing it to his attention could make him more conscious of it. Moreover, if he cares about you, he'll be motivated to change his behavior in order to avoid upsetting you.

2. Let him know you find it disrespectful

Consider taking a direct approach and telling him that you find it disrespectful when he looks at other women while you're together. This may be a more effective approach than trying to take the high road and not appearing insecure. While it's understandable to want to avoid the appearance of insecurity, it's important to communicate your feelings honestly and directly. Hopefully, he will understand where you're coming from and make an effort to be more respectful in the future.

3. Try to forget about it

In the grand scheme of things, if your boyfriend is generally a good partner and doesn't display any other worrisome behaviors, you might want to consider letting this one go. It's likely a harmless habit that doesn't hold much significance, and creating drama over it will only cause unnecessary problems.