Why Did Bad Girls Club End?

Why Did Bad Girls Club End?

Bad Girls Club ended in 2017 after 17 seasons. The show premiered in December 2006 and had quite a fanbase, which is why it was able to stay on the air for so many seasons.

This brings us to the question: Why did Bad Girls Club end? After all, people loved the gossip, the fights, and the endless drama.

The show's producers never offered a convincing reason as to why Bad Girls Club ended. Nevertheless, there have been many speculations as to what caused Bad Girls Club to end.

Most people know that Oxygen canceled the show after its seventeenth season. By then, the show had caused several controversies. In fact, at the time Bad Girls Club ended, many people were expecting it to happen.

What Was Bad Girls Club All About?

Why Did Bad Girls Club End?

Bad Girls Club was created by Jonathan Murray for Oxygen. Seven unruly women would be placed in a luxurious mansion where they would stay for three months while following stringent house rules.

The women's irresponsible behavior and drama were what made the show so popular. The drama was the main reason fans tuned in to watch the show year after year.

Bad Girls Club was certainly not suitable for kids under 13. The dialogue was suggestive, the language was coarse, and some violence was also part of the deal. In short, there were a lot of interesting things going on among the cast members.

The girls in the shows were supposed to come together and work on their behavioral and psychological problems, but that rarely happened. By seeing how other bad girls looked to those around them, the cast members were supposed to feel inspired to change their ways.

Nevertheless, during the show, the cast members were put in situations where they were forced to cause chaos and division in the house while also trying to maintain their personal lives.

Some of the things they had to put up with included arguments, getting spat on, getting into food fights, enduring personal attacks, and tolerating the destruction of personal belongings by other cast members.

Did Bad Girls Club End Due To Controversies?

Why Did Bad Girls Club End?

Right from the first season, controversies dogged Bad Girls Club. For instance, there were concerns over the safety of the cast members.

The women would fight all the time, and there were rumors that some of the more violent fights were not aired. There were also allegations that the producers of the show would bribe cast members so that they could start fights.

In some instances, a group of girls would gang up on one of the other cast members during a physical fight, and this got many people worried that the women were not safe in the mansion. Eventually, this form of violence was banned by the show's producers.

As far as many people were concerned, the show also had a negative impact on the women involved. It not only affected them during the show but also concerning their personal and professional lives once the show was over. A lot of people spoke out saying that Bad Girls Club had no socially redeeming quality.

Nevertheless, some of the girls managed to benefit from the exposure they got through the show. Some cast members got opportunities to travel and also got a chance to represent various popular brands. Other girls ended up getting roles in other television shows.

How Season 14 Contributed To Bad Girls Club End

Why Did Bad Girls Club End?

After the fourteenth season of Bad Girls Club, ratings took a plunge and the show never recovered. Events that took place during this season are believed to be the reason Bad Girls Club ended.

Even with the controversies that plagued it since its beginning, the show was consistently popular for 13 seasons.

The beginning of the end for Bad Girls Club started during a fourteenth season episode. Due to a violent incident, the production team fired the Clermont twins, which upset them and many fans. The twins responded by suing the show, arguing that the attack was planned, which is one of the many little-known Bad Girls Club secrets.

A prank gone bad had gotten out of hand and turned into a violent altercation. The producers then decided to air the incident.

In the end, Bad Girls Club lost the court case, and the show's production team had to make a huge payment to the twins. After that, the production team started to hemorrhage money.

In the third episode of the fifteenth season, they brought in two sisters, Amanda and Victoria Hepperle, to replace two outgoing "bad girls."

As soon as the sisters joined the show, they were covered in flour while walking through the front door of the house, which led to a fierce confrontation that involved slapping, hair pulling, shoving, and slapping. The two sisters left the house and the show immediately afterward.

Amanda and Victoria also decided to sue the show and its producers, accusing them of assault, battery, conspiracy to commit battery, negligence, and false imprisonment. The attack had happened within 10 minutes of filming the show. Such issues are partly the reason Bad Girls Club ended.

How Bad Girls Club Ended

Why Did Bad Girls Club End?

During season 15, Bad Girls Club tried to overcome its financial woes. The season was generally well-received. In an attempt to improve the show's ratings and financial fortunes, the sixteenth season featured social media influencers.

Unfortunately, according to reports, the girls bullied each other throughout the season, which was a huge disappointment to the fans. This brought about a steady decline in the show's ratings and was likely the reason Bad Girls Club ended.

The fall in ratings went on until the show entered its seventeenth season, at which point Oxygen decided to bring the show to an end. The fact that new crime shows were enjoying more popularity on the network also greatly contributed to the Bad Girls Club end.

Bad Girls Club has inspired four spin-offs. They include Bad Girls Road Trip, Tanisha Gets Married, Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too, and Bad Girls All-Star Battle. So, even though Bad Girls Club ended in an uneventful way, it still had a huge influence on television.