Why Couples That Laugh Together Stay Together

why couples that laugh together stay together

When was the last time you and your girl laughed your hearts out in each other's company? If you remember right away, your relationship is in a good place. Science has repeatedly proven that humor is the glue that keeps couples together long after the novelty of sex and desire wears off.

Good looks fade, and people often end up a shadow of their former selves. But the power of wit is timeless. If humor isn't your forté, don't worry. You can read more on things to make a girl laugh.

Here are just a few reasons why laughter can improve the quality of relationships:

Laugh during life's "unlaughable" moments

Whether your partner gets caught speeding, spills wine at a posh restaurant, or gets overlooked for a promotion, make light of it. Don't rebuke them for their driving mishaps, clumsiness, or nasty boss – instead, use humor as a coping strategy to laugh away embarrassing and unpleasant situations.

A funny partner keeps you healthy

Research has shown that a heightened sense of humor in a woman led to a decrease in her husband's heart rate. Simply put, a fit of giggles can do wonders to stabilize your partner's health and yours, not to forget the release of endorphins that promotes mental health and well-being.

Put an end to nagging patterns

Light-hearted partners are less likely to nag and sweat the small stuff. If reproach is necessary, do it with respect and a dash of humor. An example, "The next time you leave your lipstick marks on the wine glasses, you'll do 10 push-ups… in the buff!"

Diffuse tension in fights

No one enjoys silent, passive-aggressive treatment following a fight. It takes a certain amount of social intelligence to make a joke that will get your partner to crack up during a terse fight. Be the man who can do that, and your girl will cherish every moment with you.

Light irreverence lessens the distance

This holds particularly in more traditional societies where reverence and solemnity act as a barrier to emotional intimacy. A light-hearted irreverence helps both partners be themselves without putting up pretenses.

The link between humor and intelligence

Studies have established the link between humor and a high IQ. Albert Einstein once famously attributed his genius to his child-like demeanor and playfulness. So get down and goofy – make silly faces for photos, challenge each other to do nutty stuff, role plays, etc. If the relationship were to end someday, the memories would stay on for a lifetime.

A buffer against life's unexpected curve balls

No one dreamed that a pandemic would have confined us for months on end. While the lockdown has wreaked havoc on some relationships and marriages, humor has helped certain couples emerge stronger in what has been one of the darkest periods in recent times. Incidentally, if you're still single, check out this useful guide on dating during a pandemic.

Finally, grow old together, in love, still amused at each other's antics

Imagine aging with an irritable partner coupled with your own niggling health concerns. Not a pretty picture, right? Now visualize this – you, old and grey-haired with a joyful partner who still rides the same wavelength as you, sharing a laugh at inside jokes that seem inane to others. That's more like it!

A playful and light-hearted relationship can alter the course of not just your relationship but change your outlook towards life.

So choose well, and be the laughter you seek in another!