Why Christopher Scarver Killed Jeffrey Dahmer, The Milwaukee Cannibal

Why Christopher Scarver Killed Jeffrey Dahmer, The Milwaukee Cannibal

After a reign of serial murders and cannibalism, Jeffrey Dahmer was finally put behind bars at Columbia Correctional Institution in Wisconsin. While there, Christopher Scarver killed Jeffrey Dahmer.

Along with an inmate called Jesse Anderson, Christopher Scarver was assigned to clean the prison gymnasium together with Jeffrey Dahmer. While working together, Christopher Scarver killed Jeffrey Dahmer because he felt he was responsible for delivering "justice" on behalf of Jeffrey Dahmer's many victims.

Who Was Christopher Scarver?

Why Christopher Scarver Killed Jeffrey Dahmer, The Milwaukee Cannibal

When Christopher Scarver killed Jeffrey Dahmer, he became more popular than he had ever been.

Otherwise, Scarver was born in 1969 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as the second of five children. He dropped out of high school, and his mother chased him away after he became an alcoholic. After that, he joined the Youth Conservation Corps program to train as a carpenter.

A supervisor promised Scarver a position as a full-time employee once he completed his training. However, that never came to be after the man was dismissed.

Eventually, Scarver also got fired, and he then started drinking heavily. It was at this time he heard voices telling him that he was "the chosen one."

On June 1, 1990, Christopher Scarver visited the office of the training program, and he found his former boss, Steve Lohman, working. Scarver insisted that the program owed him money.

However, when he was given just 15 dollars, he shot Lohman in the head and killed him with a .25-caliber semiautomatic pistol. He shot the man two more times, which is why it did not seem strange when Christopher Scarver killed Jeffrey Dahmer later on when he was locked.

He also demanded cash from John Feyen, the site manager, who gave him a $3,000 check. After that, Scarver took off.

A few hours after the murder, he was sitting outside his girlfriend's apartment building. He told the arresting officer that he was planning on turning himself in because he was aware that what he had done was wrong.

Christopher Scarver Killed Jeffrey Dahmer After They Ended Up In The Same Prison

Christopher Scarver, Jeffrey Dahmer's Killer

Dahmer's first year in prison passed without incident, and Christopher Scarver did not give him much attention. Dahmer had requested to be kept in solitary confinement to avoid being victimized by other prisoners.

In 1992, the judge sentenced Carver to life behind bars. In the same year, Jeffrey Dahmer was famous as the "Milwaukee Cannibal." Dahmer was caught and given 15 life sentences.

Obviously, for a man with a criminal history, prison life would not be easy, especially with his reputation as a cannibal. He was repulsive to other prisoners.

The fact that he was gay and had raped his victims did not make things any better for him as an inmate either. Such criminals face a lot of stigma in prison.

Although he was spared the death penalty because the state of Wisconsin did not have capital punishment, fellow prisoners were not going to be as considerate.

The strategy was more effective than he imagined, and this was proven the moment he decided he was fed up with solitary confinement and joined the general prisoner population. Ultimately, this decision was the reason Christopher Scarver killed Jeffrey Dahmer.

Christopher Scarver Killed Jeffrey Dahmer Because He Was Not "Repentant"

Why Christopher Scarver Killed Jeffrey Dahmer, The Milwaukee Cannibal

Although Dahmer had become a born-again Christian after his conviction, Scarver did not feel like the serial killer was repentant at all. Apparently, he would use prison food and ketchup to taunt other inmates by replicating his victims' severed limbs.

According to Christopher Scarver, Dahmer was also getting into conflicts with other prisoners. In fact, he typically had to walk around with a guard as a personal escort at all times when outside his cell because he was often in trouble with other inmates.

At one point, a prisoner named Osvaldo Durruthy tried to slash his neck with a razor in front of guards over a heated argument. The encounter resulted in Dahmer getting hurt.

In the meantime, Scarver kept his distance because he did not like his twisted sense of humor.

How Christopher Scarver Killed Jeffrey Dahmer

Christopher Scarver, Jeffrey Dahmer's Killer

On the day Christopher Scarver killed Jeffrey Dahmer, someone provoked him as they cleaned the gym. Someone had poked him in the back as he was getting his mop and filling bucket, and when he turned to look, Anderson and Dahmer snickered.

"I looked right into their eyes, and I couldn't tell which had done it."

However, that was all the provocation he needed to take a 20-inch metal bar from a piece of exercise equipment to use as a weapon on Dahmer. After the three split up, Scarver followed Dahmer as he headed towards the staff locker room.

Christopher Scarver confronted Dahmer and got a piece of newspaper with details about his crimes from his pocket and asked him if he had done all those things. Later, Scarver said he was asking him about the crimes because they disgusted him.

An argument began, and Dahmer tried to look for a way to get away. However, Scarver attacked him, and that eventually resulted in Dahmer's death.

At the time, there were no guards around.

During the incident in which Christopher Scarver killed Jeffrey Dahmer, he hit the infamous serial killer twice with the metal bar before hitting his head against the wall. Dahmer did not die immediately but succumbed to his injuries at the hospital later on.

After that, he casually went to the locker room where 37-year-old Anderson was working. There were no guards around. So, Scarver also bludgeoned Anderson, serving a life sentence for murdering his wife in 1992.

Christopher Scarver Killed Jeffrey Dahmer Then Claimed The Guards Planned It

Why Christopher Scarver Killed Jeffrey Dahmer, The Milwaukee Cannibal

After attacking the two prisoners, Scarver went back to his cell. An officer was curious as to why he had returned so early.

In the meantime, the authorities were also learning about the murders he had committed.

After Dahmer's death, Scarver said that although some people were repentant in prison, Dahmer was not among them.

According to him, the guards left him alone with Dahmer because they also wanted the serial killer dead. They knew Christopher Scarver didn't like the man.

However, he did not give any more details about this because he was afraid of repercussions. Later, an investigation was conducted, proving that he had acted on his own.

After Christopher Scarver killed Jeffrey Dahmer and Anderson, he was given two more life sentences. Initially, he pleaded insanity but later changed his plea to "no contest."

Christopher Scarver Is Now A Poet

Why Christopher Scarver Killed Jeffrey Dahmer, The Milwaukee Cannibal

After Christopher Scarver killed Jeffrey Dahmer, he was transferred to many prisons before ending up at the Centennial Correctional Facility in Canon City, Colorado.

Several evaluations have been done to determine Scarver's mental state, given his dangerous delusions. However, none of the doctors could determine what his problem was.

He claimed that some of the foods he was eating in prison were causing him to suffer from psychotic breaks, especially bread, which has refined sugar.

After the two murders, he was put in solitary confinement. By his account, he has already spent 16 years in solitary confinement for killing Dahmer and Anderson.

Christopher Scarver eventually became an author, and in 2015, he published a poetry book called God Seed. A description of the book claims that it portrays a poetic vision of the world as it looks through prison walls.

The truth is that Christopher Scarver is a violent paranoid schizophrenic who suffers from delusions. Therefore, it didn't take a lot of excuses for him to find a reason to kill, which is why, in addition to killing Dahmer, he casually killed another inmate as well.