Why Capricorns Should Embrace Their Flaws This Week

Why Capricorns Should Embrace Their Flaws This Week

Capricorns, this one's for you - all of you folks out there that think your perfectionist attitude makes it hard for you to actually move on in the world.

Capricorns often have a hard time being kind to themselves, mostly because of their tendencies to be realistic and practical, and persistent - often to a fault. And yes, sometimes we take things too far, everything in moderation, after all. But these traits can often combine and overlap in stressful situations to cause Capricorns to spiral and it encourages compulsive overworking and a crippling desire to be right. However, while this attitude is very impressive and determined, you have to be kinder to yourself. If you think 'If it's not perfect I won't even try', then you're already selling yourself short here.


It's okay sometimes to just get by, do the minimum you need to do first

Check in with yourself, give yourself a day - or a week - off, and catch up with your hobbies. Capricorns, you need to let go of the idea of perfection, and let yourself mess up. Lean into your flaws this week, learn how to learn from your mistakes. If you never go out of your comfort zone to make a mistake, you will never look them in the eye, and how can you become a better, more well-rounded person doing that?


If you hate making mistakes so much, unfortunately, the only way to improve upon your flaws is to acknowledge that it's okay to have them in the first place. After you've made a few mistakes, exhibited your flaws, your friends and peers won't love you any less. No-one will think less of you, in fact, it will probably endear you to them even more, and you can bond and share tips on how to improve a certain aspect of your being. Maybe you're a bad runner, or poor at tennis... having a friend to practice and laugh with and help you is so important.


It gets you out of your comfort zone and out of your own headspace

So, make mistakes - reveal your flaws to the world! Flaws aren't things to be ashamed of, and even as we're working on ourselves, the goal state of being is not one of perfection or flawlessness. That's important to remember. We're all just trying to be better. More still, if you have a flaw that you perceive about yourself that bothers you, but you never do anything about it, or reflect on it, you will probably find it's not as bad as you think. It's not scary to have flaws, particularly if you are around people you trust and can be vulnerable with. Capricorns, during this period I suggest you find yourself a few Leo or Libra friends, they're great at being sympathetic friends that keep you challenging yourself.


In addition, even if your 'flaw' is something that it seems like no-one else struggles with, I promise that won't be the case. As soon as you bring it up or communicate it with a friend, you will realize that everyone is going through something. We all have our flaws, and it might even be that a flaw you were really self-conscious about hasn't even crossed anyone's mind.

No-one noticed!

While that doesn't change the very valid reality that it affected you, it's reassuring to know that everyone else is so inside their own heads that we aren't all investigating every aspect of the people around us for flaws. If anything, we're checking up on you to make sure you aren't overworking yourself or noticing if you're quieter than normal. These come from places of compassion and support, you will find, Capricorns, feeling free to make mistakes, and letting your flaws be exposed, actually makes them less significant to you.


You can let them go, or accept them as part of you. You often find that you love the imperfections in others most about them, not least. This is as true for you as it is for others.

So go and try to take up cycling this week, even though you haven't done it for years. Even if you fall off straight away. Even if it hurts your pride and your knees.

Get back up, Go again

Capricorns need to realize that they're also resilient and driven, and that - while you may once in a while have a spiral or treat yourself too harshly - you are well-grounded and always compassionate for others. Let other people be compassionate towards you too! Reveal your insecurities and make yourself vulnerable by failing this week, it's healthy!


Let go of that discipline that you always hold yourself to and let loose - you may rediscover a lost hobby, or find new friends!

This isn't all about trying new things out either - maybe take some time to reflect on your life. Think about times that were tough and muse on your role in how things turned out.

What might you do differently next time?

Yes that breakup was horrible, but as the saying goes, 'It takes two to break up a relationship'.


Reflect on how you can be better in the future by acknowledging your flaws, accepting them, and using them as a platform for growth.

Capricorns, make this week your own - go out and fail spectacularly.

You will be better for it. Trust me.