Why Aunties Are Important To Kids' Lives

Why Aunties Are Important To Kids’ Lives

As we grow up, most of us have many close relatives in our lives. This includes our parents, of course, our siblings, and our grandparents. Another relative that plays an important role in the lives of children as they are growing up is aunties. Aunts are often undervalued and underestimated within the family unit, but they do play a very important role in the life of a child, and for a range of reasons.


Often, aunts get overlooked as important influences on the life of a child, but they can actually be very influential and play an extremely positive role in the lives of their nephews and nieces. There are many reasons why aunties are so important to the lives of children, and in this article, we will look at some of the main reasons.

So, What Are the Reasons?

When kids have aunties that they don't see all that often, it is a real shame, as aunts can play a big part in the lives of both the kids and their parents. Some of the reasons why aunts are so invaluable include:


They Are Fun to Be With

All parents want to be able to have fun with their kids, but often the hard work involved in raising children means there is little time left to play and have fun. However, if the child has an aunt who doesn't have her own children, she will have plenty of time to spend with the kids and have some fun. If the aunt does have kids, it means that there are cousins to play with, which is also great fun for any youngster.


They Buy Great Gifts

Often, parents are very stringent about what they will buy for their kids as presents when special occasions like birthdays and Christmas come around. If you have more than one child, you have to take the budget into consideration among other things. However, many aunts tend to go all out when it comes to buying gifts for nephews and nieces, and those that do not have their own children tend to spend a little more on other kids. So, you can look forward to some fabulous gifts from aunts.


They Can Babysit

All parents need some adult support now and again, which includes having someone trustworthy to look after the kids as and when required. Aunts are great for this sort of thing, as they can come to your home to watch the kids or the children could even go and sleepover with their aunts. This means the kids have fun and get a break while the parents benefit from having someone they trust to look after the children.


They Tell Great Stories

When it comes to telling great childhood stories, aunts are the best! Often, moms might avoid telling certain stories because they are embarrassed to tell their kids about certain aspects of their childhood, but often aunts will spill the beans within a second thought. So, your kids can hear some great stories about their parent's younger years without the parent having to tell them personally.


They Are Great for Advice

Sometimes, kids need adult advice, particularly as they move into their teen years. However, many are too embarrassed or nervous to speak to their parents about certain things. With a trusted aunt to turn to, they won't have to bottle things up because they can speak to their aunt and get sound advice from an adult who has their best interests at heart but is not their parent.


Great Support for the Kids

All in all, aunts can provide excellent support for the kids and can be there for them when needed without being too harsh or stringent. This makes them a valuable addition to the close family circle, as they can help both the kids and the parents.