Why Are So Many Smart And Attractive Women Still Rolling Solo?

Why Are So Many Smart And Attractive Women Still Rolling Solo?

Intelligence is one of those qualities that every man and woman would love to have. Everyone admires and wants to associate with smart people. However, for smart and attractive women, things are not always straightforward when it comes to getting into relationships.

In the past, this has been attributed to the notion that most men have fragile egos and don't feel comfortable being with smart women. However, a closer look suggests there are more reasons than just fragile male egos.

Here are seven reasons why so many smart and attractive women are still single:

1. Many men are intimidated by smart and attractive women

Many men just can't be with a strong, smart and attractive woman who knows what she wants and won't settle for less. A smart woman knows it's not her job to dumb herself down or apologize for her accomplishments. If a man feels emasculated by how she carries herself, then that is his problem, not hers.

2. Smart women cannot stand being a second option

Smart women will never accept anything less than being their man's top priority. They are very sensitive, and if they suspect that something wrong is happening behind their backs, they will walk away before things get worse. Any person who thinks he can string a smart woman along while messing around with another woman on the side is dead wrong.

3. Smart and attractive women are not the easiest to impress

A smart woman knows what she is bringing to the table and wants someone who has something worthwhile to offer in return. She also wants someone who fully appreciates her. She places a bigger premium on substance than she does on style. She is not easily swayed by superficial things or a bunch of nice words.

4. Smart women don't abide by the rules of the dating game

Sometimes, it seems like you have to go out of your way to capture a guy's attention. One thing a smart woman will not do is play the mind games associated with dating. She knows that dating comes with putting up with a lot of stuff and she is not up for that.

5. A smart woman does not need a man to make her complete

Of course, having a man in your life comes with a lot of good things. However, for a smart woman, that doesn't mean getting a man at any cost. She can handle many things on her own. She can also deal with being single a little longer. Being single and having freedom are things she embraces.

6. Many smart women have stopped looking for husbands

This does not necessarily mean that they are opposed to getting married at some point in their lives. It just means that they don't wake up every single day wondering if it is the day they will finally meet "Mr. Right." Their happiness is the most important thing and if a man can add to it, they'll be happy.

7. Women are becoming more independent

Today, more women are able to provide for themselves. All the benefits that the husband previously provided are not always needed. This can be attributed mainly to feminism and their ability to work and take on leadership positions. At the same time, more women are open to the idea of having children without necessarily having to be married.