Why Are Butt Selfies A Thing And Can We Just Stop?

The "belfie," also known as a butt selfie, has gained significant popularity on social media. However, there are 13 crucial facts to consider about this unpleasant trend, and why it should be eradicated quickly.

1. So What Is It, Exactly?

Essentially, the process involves capturing an attractive and appealing image of your buttocks and sharing it on social media to showcase your backside to your audience. The concept itself is straightforward to comprehend, but the question remains: Why would someone do this?

2. It Might Seem Body Positive But It's Really Not

At first glance, the belfie trend may appear to be promoting body positivity and acceptance of fuller, shapelier buttocks. However, while it may deviate from the once-popular ultra-thin model look, there is still an underlying aspect of body shaming present. Those who do not possess a more substantial posterior cannot participate without facing the possibility of negative online harassment.

3. It's Yet Another Desperate Cry For Attention

The belfie trend entails more than merely photographing one's posterior while clothed in jeans or workout gear during daily activities. Many individuals have taken it further by sharing snapshots of their buttocks in seductive lingerie or striking suggestive poses solely to showcase their behinds. This is where the issue lies: instead of seeking attention through respectable means, we resort to inappropriate measures.

4. We Have The Usual Suspects To Blame For This

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner were among the first to popularize the belfie trend, with others like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj soon joining in. It's no surprise that everyday individuals would also adopt the trend.

5. It's Degrading

Displaying any body part, including the buttocks, can feel demeaning. It's as though we're objectifying ourselves and reducing our worth to mere sexual objects. Instead of promoting our personalities and accomplishments, we're showcasing our attractive backsides, as if to say, "Look at my alluring butt!" Is this truly how we want to present ourselves? While there's nothing incorrect with embracing one's sexuality, the belfie trend appears to be a rather disheartening manifestation of it.

6. It Gives The Wrong Impression

Picture this: you meet a wonderful guy, and he decides to check your Instagram page to learn more about you before your date. Upon visiting your profile, he discovers an abundance of suggestive photographs of your buttocks, even if they may appear tasteful and sophisticated. Your posting of such photos may lead him to believe that you seek attention. The same holds true for gym selfies and sultry images with pouts.

7. It's Time To Raise Our Selfie Standards

Where did the era of selfies showcasing radiant smiles and captivating eyes go? What about selfies that exude our inner essence and individuality? Instead of sharing photographs of our body parts, we require more selfies like these.

8. It's Sexy To Leave A Little Mystery

Perhaps we should opt to keep certain aspects of ourselves concealed for those who are genuinely interested in getting to know us in person. Rather than divulging everything about our bodies through provocative belfies, why not retain some level of privacy and attempt to foster connections that transcend superficial appearances?

9. It Makes Us Worry Unnecessarily About Our Bodies

Women frequently fret about their physical appearances, often to an excessive extent. Do we honestly require another concern to obsess over, such as the curvature of our buttocks? It's exhausting! We've had enough of this!

10. It Turns Us Into "like" Monsters

Snapping a belfie extends beyond merely displaying an image of yourself to the public. After posting it on social media, you'll likely start yearning for numerous "likes" and positive feedback. Alternatively, you may begin fretting that your buttocks aren't meeting society's expectations. You may even compare your belfie to those of others, causing feelings of inadequacy. This excessive preoccupation with others' opinions is precisely why the belfie trend has become so problematic.

11. What Happened To Just Having Fun?

Social media is intended to be enjoyable, a fantastic means of connecting with others and sharing exciting things like our recent travels. However, instead of highlighting these positive aspects, we're indulging in belfies. What does this truly convey to the world besides the fact that we're yearning for attention and require external validation for our self-worth?

12. Take A Brain Selfie Instead

Rather than directing your followers' attention to pictures of your butt in alluring lingerie, why not redirect their focus to your intellect? Although you can't take a selfie of your brain (though that would be neat), you can emphasize posting about more intelligent and empowering topics. The strain to appear flawless and possess ideal buttocks to match our perfect lives is truly pitiful. There are far more crucial things to share on social media. Let's go!