Why Andrew Lincoln Left The Walking Dead During Season 9

Why Andrew Lincoln Left The Walking Dead During Season 9

For several years, Andrew Lincoln had the lead role in the incredibly famous show, The Walking Dead. So, why would he leave when the series was in its ninth season?

Despite being the face of the show, Lincoln left during the ninth season's fifth episode. Consequently, it's hard to imagine the show without him.

For some time now, fans have been speculating on the reason behind his unexpected departure. Did he get bored with his role, demand a bigger paycheck, or find bigger projects to work on?

Lincoln confessed to Reedus that his timing couldn't have been worse because he was leaving the show at a time when it was terrific.

Previously, there was an announcement saying that the actor would be leaving. That led to speculations about how his end would come. In the end, he was simply written out of the series.


The popular show has been around since 2010, and it is just as incredibly popular today as it was when it began. The series is based on a comic series by Robert Kirkman.

Still, the fact that main characters can die at any time has made the show very famous. The creators of The Walking Dead also took a lot of creative liberties when making it, making the show even more dramatic and exciting.

So, even a key actor like Rick could have met his end during the zombie apocalypse. That, however, is not the reason Andrew Lincoln is no longer in the show.

Family Had Something To Do With Andrew Lincoln Leaving

Why Andrew Lincoln Left The Walking Dead During Season 9

Apparently, Lincoln had to leave the show because of his family. He desired to be closer to them, and the only way to do that was to say goodbye to the series.


Being a father of two young kids, who are currently living in the UK, he had no other option if he wanted to be closer to them because the show is filmed in the US.

Typically, filming takes many months, which means having very little time to spend with his kids throughout the year.

This led him to the realization that he had to leave the show if he wanted to be around his kids more.

Andrew Lincoln's Leaving Changed The Series

Why Andrew Lincoln Left The Walking Dead During Season 9

Being the lead character in the series, Andrew Lincoln's leaving was bound to have an impact on the show. The series had to reinvent itself pretty much since it had put so much focus on its leading actor, who was now gone.

Thanks to the ninth season's six-year time jump, the show went back to when Rick was not around. For this reason, the producers could focus on what was going on with the other main characters as Rick Grimes was away.

So, in a way, Rick's leaving was something of a blessing in disguise, at least for now. In any case, there are plans to end the show after 11 seasons.

Will Andrew Lincoln Be Coming Back In The Future?

Why Andrew Lincoln Left The Walking Dead During Season 9

Yes, Rick Grimes has left the show. But that does not mean he cannot make a comeback in the future, right?


Without a doubt, this would be exciting for a lot of fans.

Already, we know he will be playing Rick Grimes again, although that might not happen in the series.

According to an announcement made soon after he left the series, he will reprise his iconic role in three The Walking Dead movies based on his Rick Grimes character.

COVID-19 has caused some delays in getting the project started, but the films are already in pre-production.

Some people still think he might be back in the eleventh and final season in the series. It is more likely that this won't happen until he has first made the movies.

After taking a break this close to the show's end, fans will undoubtedly be quite excited to see him come back as Rick Grimes again, whether that happens in the movies or the show's final season.