Why An Empath’s Love Will Be Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Witnessed Before

There are few things better than being in love with someone who is in love with you. But empaths take this a notch higher by making the passion you share even more intense, consuming, and selfless.

Believe it or not, when you are in love with an empath, it will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before. In fact, many of the love fantasies you have can come true by loving an empath.

In fact, after getting love from this person, you will find 'regular' love to be less than adequate, and here's why.

1. Empaths Are Very Honest

Empaths have the highest regard for the truth, however harsh it might be. They hate lies, and if you lie often, then you have no chance with an empath. But this also means you can trust your empath lover completely. You will also not have to worry about getting manipulated or being taken for a ride with this person.

2. An Empath Is Always Heartbroken

With their soft and kind hearts, empaths are always facing betrayals and manipulations from people who want to use them. Therefore, they know very well how messed up the world is. For this reason, the last thing they will want is for you to deal with all the pain and toxicity that exists in the world. An empath will, therefore, go to a lot of lengths to keep you from getting hurt. So, you never have to worry about an empath cheating on you, ghosting you, or breaking your heart because they can't let any harm come to you, even if it is from them.

3. Empaths Are Very Intuitive

You might not feel or see it, but an empath can. They can feel other people's emotions very deeply, although they might stay mum about it. Therefore, it is pointless to hide something from an empath. The good thing is that they can't ignore your pain, and will do something whenever their intuition tells them you are going through a hard time.

4. Giving Is Their Nature

Some people make an effort to be generous, but not empaths. Giving is in their blood, and it's because they have a deep and genuine concern for others. So, whenever you are in need, you can count on an empath being there for you to assist in every possible way. When an empath falls for you, they will give you all they can. They don't care whether or not you deserve the generosity, as long as you are in their hearts, their entire world is yours if you want it.

5. Empaths Love Intensely

You will know what true love means when you get into a relationship with an empath. Their love is honest, intense, passionate, and very genuine. It is downright heavenly.

6. Empaths Are Different When Hurt

Even though empaths get hurt a lot, it does not mean they are used to the pain. Nobody ever does. But usually, when empaths are hurt, they withdraw until they get better. They will say they would rather be alone, but that is the worst thing for them. Although you have to give them time to heal, you need to be there for them. And if you think the love they were giving you was intense, wait until you stand by them during these tough moments.

7. Empaths Are Very Guarded

Although empaths might seem like they trust easily and fall in love easily, that is not the case. They have suffered a lot of pain at the hands of the wrong people. Therefore, their hearts are pretty guarded and can be quite unapproachable. So, you have to prove that you truly love them before they can let you into their hearts. But once you do, you will not regret it.

What does this tell you? That if you are in love with an empath, you have it better than most people ever will when it comes to love. So, hold on to your empath love, it will be worth it!