Why Ace Ventura Films Would Not Be Made Today, According To Modern Viewers

Viewers who are watching Ace Ventura for the first time are claiming that the movie would never be produced today.

Jim Carrey stars as the protagonist, a pet detective, in this 1990s comedy film franchise that turned out to be an unexpected box office sensation, launching Carrey to superstardom and creating unforgettable catchphrases and scenes.

However, first-time viewers are now criticizing a significant amount of the movie's humor.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, which hit theaters in 1994, earned a whopping $107 million globally.

With a budget of $15 million, the movie proved to be a colossal financial triumph.

The film follows the tale of Ace Ventura, a detective specialized in pets, assigned with the responsibility of locating Snowflake, the bottlenose dolphin, who happens to be the missing mascot of the Miami Dolphins.

Ace Ventura eventually finds out that the former Miami Dolphins player, Ray Finkle, who missed a potentially game-winning kick, took Snowflake. He then abandoned the team after facing humiliation.

Later in the film, Ace discovers that the former football star had undergone gender reassignment surgery, changing her name to Lois Einhorn and becoming a police lieutenant. However, with the passage of time, the film's humor has been criticized.

Recent viewers of the movie have pointed out that the transphobic jokes in the movie are no longer acceptable in modern times.

For instance, scenes in which Ace is seen frantically brushing his teeth after kissing Einhorn and when he strips Einhorn down to her underwear at the end of the film to prove his point are no longer considered amusing by contemporary audiences.

One Twitter user has voiced their disappointment with the way the movie handled the transgender storyline, saying: "Watched Ace Ventura for the first time today and my god the transphobia is rampant."

"Watched Ace Ventura: Pet Detective for the first time last night," another commenter wrote.

"And towards the end of the movie, it was hella transphobic."

During a recent episode of Joe Rogan's podcast, the problematic elements of Ace Ventura were discussed with guest Bari Weiss.

Rogan shared his own experience of rewatching the movie with his children and how he realized that the movie contains transphobic elements.

He commented that:

"I didn't realize how transphobic that f***ing movie is."

"It's off the charts."

The success of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective in the 90s may have been massive, but its humour has evidently not aged well.