Why A Man With A Bigger Penis Isn't That Great After All

Although size is often considered important, bigger does not necessarily equate to better. The quality of the intimate relationship largely depends on the person to whom those physical attributes belong and how well they match with you. While you may initially believe that a larger size is preferable, it's ultimately useless if the person is not skilled in utilizing it effectively.

1. Some Guys With Huge Bits Think That's All It Takes

It's clear that these men lack an understanding of the female anatomy, as they seem to believe that the sole requirement for a woman to experience multiple pleasures is a large size. In reality, most women would prefer a partner of average size who possesses a degree of sexual competence over a partner with an exceptionally large size who appears to be ignorant or indifferent to the various parts of a woman's anatomy.

2. He Might Not Have Had To Develop His Mouth Skills

Men with smaller sizes have likely developed alternative ways to compensate. This often involves refining their skills during the initial stages of intimacy and oral techniques. However, if a man depends solely on his physical attributes to do the job, he may not have had as much practice in other areas.

3. Some Positions Won't Work

In certain positions like doggy style, having a large size can be uncomfortable and even excessive. This may limit your ability to explore various positions and restrict you to a few that are more comfortable. If doggy style was previously a preferred position for you, it may no longer be a viable option.

4. Sometimes It Just Won't Fit

Similar to how every man has a unique size, every woman also has distinct physical attributes. Sometimes, these parts may not align perfectly, and attempting to force them together can be uncomfortable or even painful for both parties involved. Ultimately, this is not a pleasurable experience for anyone.

5. You Can't Do It For As Long

If a man has a size larger than average, it can become uncomfortable after a while. Additionally, as it takes women more time to reach climax than men, achieving a satisfying conclusion may not be feasible most of the time.

6. You Need A Couple Of Days To Recover

While it's not necessarily unpleasant to experience the after-effects of lovemaking from the previous night, for those who desire frequent intimacy, a man with a larger physical attribute may make daily encounters less practical.

7. Butt Sex Is Out Of The Question

If you occasionally enjoy anal intercourse, having a partner with a larger size may require you to reconsider this activity, or at the very least, invest more time in preparing for it.

8. Blow Jobs Are Uncomfortable

Providing oral sex to a man with a smaller size is generally easier. You can perform deep throat maneuvers that they appreciate without experiencing discomfort, and your jaw is less likely to become sore after a few minutes. Although a larger size may appear enticing, attempting to fit it in your mouth can be more challenging than anticipated.

9. Quickies Don't Really Happen

If you are planning to engage in sexual activity with a partner who has a larger size, extensive foreplay will likely be required before attempting penetration. This may leave little time for a quick encounter before work unless you are willing to utilize a significant amount of lubrication.

10. If You Get Accustomed To A Big One, Going Back To An Average Sized One Is Disappointing

After adjusting to your former partner's larger size and becoming comfortable with various sexual activities, a breakup may require you to adapt to a new partner with an average size. This can take some getting used to, as you readjust to different physical attributes.