Why A Low-Maintenance Friend Is The Best Friend You Can Have

Why A Low-maintenance Friend Is The Best Friend You Can Have

Ever heard of a low-maintenance friend? If not, allow me to enlighten you. This friend, without regular communication, despite the distance, and regardless of any challenges you face in life, they remain loyal to you.

Some friends will be offended when you call them for help if you have gone for too long without communication. A low-maintenance friend will not care if you last talked yesterday or two months ago.

The moment you call, even if you have spent weeks without talking, they will respond to your needs like you have been together the entire day.

These friends are special, and they are also very rare. Here is why you should cherish a low-maintenance friend if you are lucky enough to find one.

1. Zero Drama

This friend has no time for unnecessary drama. That is one thing that gives your friendship peace and dependability.

2. They Can Avail Themselves Instantly

If you have a crisis and need a friend to help you out, this friend will easily drop everything and help out in any way they can. They know the value of true friendship and will make sure you overcome whatever challenge life has thrown your way.

3. It's Never A Challenge Asking Each Other Out

Asking out some friends can seem like the hardest challenge ever. But with this friend, it's always easy letting them know you would like to spend some time together and have some fun. This friend appreciates these moments, and you can always count on them making an effort to make them happen.

4. You Encourage One Another

Although you might have chosen different paths in life, you encourage each other to keep working on your passions.

5. They Stay Calm

When things are not going very well between the two of you, this friend will not resort to toxic behaviors such as silent treatment. They easily forgive and forget. They know no one is perfect and they refrain from judging you when mistakes are made.

6. You Can Discuss Everything

Low-maintenance friends are usually less judgmental, and you will not have problems discussing issues like sex, periods and anything else with them. They accept you and expect anything from you without judgments or crazy expectations.

7. Time Together Is Precious

With this friend you always have fun because there are no limits holding you back. You can do all the crazy things you thought you would do once you found a good friend, things you might never let other friends know you are capable of.

Some friends are far too demanding. You tense up when you feel like they are about to know the real you because the friendship might end in an instant if they learn some things about you.

But low-maintenance friends are the best.

You can be yourself, expose your flaws, and make mistakes and they will still accommodate you. If you get one of these friends, then hold tightly to them because you have found a real treasure.