Why A Long-Distance Friendship Is A Real Deal

Why A Long-distance Friendship Is A Real Deal

People think the worst of long-distance relationships. It will come as a shock to many to learn that long-distance relationships are better than most other relationships.

Yes, I come armed with ironclad evidence. Prepare to have your opinion changed.

If you have had a long-distance relationship for some time now, it means the connection you share with that person goes rather deep. Otherwise, it would no longer be considered a relationship today.

Having the ability to cherish someone you don't spend all your time with is truly special.

These relationships have withstood the challenges that ruin most relationships.

And so, allow me to tell you why the long distance relationship you have with your friend is the real deal.

1. It's Always Fun Visiting Them

However long the distance might be, visiting a cherished friend is always fun and exciting. You look forward to seeing them, and you think of all the fun things you will do once you meet. There is nothing more exciting than the experience of having to visit them and spend some time with this friend.

2. A Long Distance Friendship Symbolizes A Lasting Friendship

When some friends go away, the friendship you shared dies a natural death. So, if the friendship still holds even after distance has come between you, that's a great sign that the relationship will last for a long time to come. Any friendship that can survive the distance hurdle is destined to last.

3. Reunions Are Always A Big Deal

When meeting friends you spend your time around, it does not seem like such a big deal, although you will be happy to see them and spend time together.

However, meeting a friend who has been away felt like an important occasion in your life. It changes your day and makes you celebrate the beautiful occasion for the few days you spend with the friend together.

4. You Communicate Regularly

Today's technology has made it easy for people to stay in touch even when they are thousands of miles apart. Therefore, you can regularly communicate with this friend, and you can share your worries and concerns through phone calls, texts, and social media. Despite the distance, you never feel alone.

5. You Get Honest Advice

Whenever you need to make an important decision and call your friend who is far away, you can always get genuine advice. These friends will tell you the truth as it is, while friends close to you might dodge such questions or not see the issue as a big concern.

6. Less Arguments

When you have a long-distance friend, the arguments go down considerably. It differs greatly from the friends you spend most of your time around. And even when you argue, apologies are accepted much faster and you can then focus on the bond that holds you together.

Many people believe that long-distance friendships and relationships don't work. That's simply not the case. If the bond of friendship was real, then this friendship can work, and brilliantly if I might add.