Why A Blunt Friend Is The Best Friend You'll Ever Have

Why A Blunt Friend Is The Best Friend You’ll Ever Have

It's a human weakness to fall for sweet talk and friendly words. We're often deceived by friends who chat with us with honey-dripped sentences and sugar-coated words. You shouldn't trust friends like this because they aren't acting in good faith.

However, blunt friends are a completely different story. These individuals are super honest, and they genuinely care. More often than not, they can be misunderstood.

A blunt friend may seem rude to you, but their intentions are for your own good. Therefore, if you have a candid friend, here are the reasons why they're the best friend you'll ever have.

1. They've Honest Opinions

Although they know the truth may hurt you, they speak it and they will say it to your face. You might at the time resent the person who tells you their honest opinion, but you realize they were right afterward and appreciate the honesty.

A blunt friend will tell you what you need to hear whether it's good or bad. You can't run from the truth. It may hurt your feelings at first, but it'll help you in the future. Never ignore their opinions, or you might regret it.

2. They'll Teach You How To Become A Better Friend And Person

A blunt friend will help you understand that standing up for the truth and facts means that you're strong. There's no need to hesitate to air your opinions or thoughts just because you're afraid that someone might not like them. What's the point of living then if you can't express your true views?

3. A Blunt Friend Will Never Shit-talk You

If a blunt person has something to say to you, they'll tell you directly. They won't speak behind your back. They are honest and authentic, someone great to have in your corner.

4. They've High Moral Standards

As I said, you might oftentimes misunderstand a blunt friend's intention. You might see them as lacking any morals or being crude.
Don't be mistaken! They know exactly what's wrong and right. Their bluntness is a reaction to the dishonesty of the people around them. They call it like it is.

5. A Friendship With A Blunt Friend Is Pure

A blunt friend is either with you or not with you. Whether it's through good or bad life experiences, they'll support you. They'll never take you for granted.

6. They're Fun To Be With

The honesty of a blunt friend might not be a funny thing to experience but every moment spent with them will be unforgettable. They'll tell you what's wrong with most of your friends, telling you like it is. They'll also be your best drinking partners.

7. They Don't Play Passive-aggressive Games

Many of our friends tend to play fake feelings with us. It can sometimes be difficult to know who is acting real with you. You'll never doubt a blunt friend's honesty.

Therefore, if next time you have to choose between an honest friend with someone who honey coats and sugar drips their words, now you know the one to pick. A blunt friend will never disappoint you and is ready to go to any lengths to see you succeed.