Whoopi Goldberg Suspended For Two Weeks From The View following Holocaust Remarks

Whoopi Goldberg Suspended For Two Weeks From the View following Holocaust Remarks

For the coming two weeks, Whoopi Goldberg will not be in The View due to her comment that "the Holocaust isn't about race." Media outlets have confirmed the reports.

Kim Godwin, ABC News President, announced the suspension.

Goldwin said that Goldberg had been suspended with immediate effect for two weeks because of the inappropriate and hurtful comments. Godwin noted that even if Goldberg had issued an apology, he had asked her to take some time to reflect and understand what impact her comments have had.

He ended his statement by explaining that ABC News stood in solidarity with their Jewish colleagues, friends, family, and communities.

Whoopi made the controversial comment while on an episode of The View on Monday. She and her co-hosts talked about the recent suspension of the famous graphic novel Maus by the Tennessee school board over claims that it had nudity and profanity.

That was when she said that "the Holocaust isn't about race" but was instead about "man's inhumanity to man."

There was immediate backlash to the inaccurate comment, triggering a response from many quarters, including the Anti-Defamation League CEO and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and State Museum.

Hours later, Goldberg had already issued an apology over what she said that she should have said that the Holocaust was both about race and inhumanity.

On her subsequent appearance on the talk show, she once again commented about her statements, claiming that she "misspoke." She also said that she regretted what she had said.

Goldberg claimed that she felt responsible for saying something recklessly that ended up offending many people. She also said she understood that her words were hurtful.

She explained that she now knew that the Holocaust was indeed about race. Some people have demanded that ABC fires Goldberg over her comments.