Who Is Chris Evans Dating?

Chris Evans has been awarded the title of PEOPLE magazine's Sexiest Man Alive for 2022, a recognition that many agree with. As the renowned actor who played "Captain America," he has been highly sought after for several years. Fans have been curious if he's in a relationship, and if so, who is the fortunate woman in his life. Find out who Chris Evans is dating, as we have all the details.

Does Chris Evans Have A Secret Girlfriend?

Recently, it came to light that Evans has been in a relationship for almost a year. Known for his private nature, it's not unexpected that he has also kept his girlfriend, Alba Baptista, a 25-year-old Portuguese actress, out of the public eye.

Entertainment Tonight reports that Evans and Baptista are deeply in love. A close source to the couple stated that their relationship is significant and that "Chris has never been happier." Additionally, their family and friends are fond of Alba, which adds to the happiness of the relationship.

There has been no public comment from either Evans or Baptista regarding the reports.

Who Has He Dated In The Past?

Chris Evans has had a significant dating history, involving some of Hollywood's most prominent personalities. Below is a summary of some of the prominent names he has been associated with in the past.

1. Jenny Slate

After meeting on the set of their movie "Gifted" in 2016, Chris Evans and Jenny Slate began dating. However, their relationship lasted only around nine months due to their conflicting schedules. They reunited briefly in 2017, but Page Six reported that it ended for good in March 2018.

2. Minka Kelly

Evans and Kelly tried dating on and off over the years but were unable to make it work. They were seen together for the first time in 2007, then again in 2012, and finally in 2015, according to PEOPLE. Despite being attracted to each other, it didn't work out for them.

3. Lily Collins

In 2015, Collins was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with Evans after E! News spotted them having a "flirty" dinner in Los Angeles. However, they were never seen together again, indicating that it was probably just a friendly interaction rather than a romantic one.

4. Sandra Bullock

Although rumors circulated of romantic involvement between Chris Evans and Sandra Bullock in 2014, it is unclear if they were genuinely dating. Bullock joked with Entertainment Tonight at the time, saying, "We've since married, but it started breaking us apart, so we separated." In 2017, Evans confessed to having a slight crush on Bullock, but it is unknown what truly transpired between them.

5. Ashley Greene

In 2011, Chris Evans was seen getting close to "Twilight" star Greene at a party in Hollywood. A source told E! News, "Ashley was all over [Chris], and he certainly didn't mind. They were dancing together very closely. It looked like they had a lot of sexual chemistry." However, since Greene had recently ended her relationship with Joe Jonas, this could have just been a rebound for her.

6. Dianna Agron

In early 2011, Chris Evans was spotted with the "Glee" star at a pre-Oscar party, where they appeared to be "flirting and in deep conversation" before exchanging contacts, as per Page Six. However, it seems like nothing came of it as they were never seen together again.

7. Kristin Cavallari

According to Page Six, a source stated in 2018 that Evans and Cavallari "definitely hooked up" that year. However, Cavallari denied any romantic involvement and told Us Weekly that they had been "just friends" for some time at that point.

8. Christina Ricci

After meeting on the red carpet at the 2007 Met Gala, Chris Evans was rumored to be dating Ricci. However, neither of them confirmed or denied the rumors, and they were never seen together again. It appears that there may have been some speculation, but no substance to the rumors.

9. Emmy Rossum

In 2007, there were reports of a romance between Chris Evans and Biel after they were spotted kissing at a bar in LA. However, representatives for both actors denied any romantic involvement and stated that they were "just friends," according to E! News. It appears that whatever was happening between them was short-lived and not significant.

10. Jessica Biel

In 2001, Evans and Biel began dating and were considered to be Evans' first long-term public relationship. They co-starred in two films where their characters were paired together, which added an extra layer of cuteness to their relationship. However, the couple eventually split and went their separate ways.

11. Kate Bosworth

Evans and Bosworth had a crush on each other during their work on "The Newcomers" in the early 2000s, according to reports. However, Us Weekly reported that their romance didn't last long.