Who Are The Best Grandmas According To The Horoscope

Who Are The Best Grandmas According To The Horoscope

Everyone loves their grandma! Well, at least most people do. Grandmas are usually kind, giving and willing to do just about anything for their grandkids.

Once they have grandkids, they devote their time and attention to them, nurturing them alongside their parents and helping them grow. They are often great cooks, they know how to talk to their grandkids and play with them.

However, there are many different kinds of grandmas. Some are just about taking care of their grandchildren and they ignore playing with them. Some are all fun and play.

But what are the best grandmas like? Here's what the Zodiac has to say!


Anyone with an Aquarius grandma will agree that having her made their childhood so much more fun!

My grandma is an Aquarius and she's amazing - and, she fits her sign perfectly.

Aquarius grandmas are fun to be around and they have a great ability to make up games and create fun experiences for their grandchildren. Aquarius grandmas love to spend time with their grandchildren and they often use that time to teach them new things or take them to museums.

They often get the children involved in some fun projects that require creativity and they make up stories that the children love.

The best part is that they adapt well to any age of their grandchildren and remain good friends with them. They share advice and help them overcome difficult situations.


This is the kind of grandma that loves to spend a ton of time with her grandchildren. She offers to babysit a lot and she loves playing different games with her grandchildren.

My mother is a Cancer grandma and I see a lot of this in her.

A Cancer grandma is creative and loves imaginative play. While she may enjoy walks and outside activities with her grandchildren, she loves staying inside more. You will often see her cooking a tasty meal for her grandchildren or baking cookies with them.

But don't think that she doesn't have a life of her own - she actually loves to spend time alone or have fun with her own friends. So, be mindful of that.

Cancer grandmas are youthful and playful, while at the same time being that picturesque grandma with a warm hug and a plate of cookies for you, whenever you need it.


Finally, Geminis are the kind of grandmas that you can take on an adventure with you. They are quite modern and very youthful, which makes the children love them and spending time with them.

They love to teach their grandchildren to be brave and to always stand by their own opinion. You may not find her by the stove cooking or baking, but you are very likely to find her outside, working on some creative project, her flowers or getting someone into trouble.

And yes, the parents may not be the happiest because Gemini grandmas are prone to finding some trouble to get into wherever they go, but their grandkids love this.

It's never a boring day to be with a Gemini grandma because she will always find a new adventure or game to get into.

There you have it - these three signs are the best grandmas according to the zodiac. But this doesn't mean that other grandmas aren't amazing as well. Each one has her own style, and even if she didn't, her grandkids would love her.