White Woman Unleashes Racist Tirade Against Asian Woman For Exercising At Park

After weeks of racist ‘Karen’ stories, another white woman has gone viral for unleashing a racist tirade on a woman exercising at a park.

What exactly is a ‘Karen?’

Well, Urban Dictionary describes a ‘Karen’ as a “mother of three. She sports a blonde bob while driving a Volvo. She’s annoying as hell. Wears acrylics 24/7. Currently, at your workplace speaking to your manager.”

So a ‘Karen’ can be someone who likely throws a fit if they don’t get their own way.

Recently, we’ve seen an unusual flux of ‘Karens’ dominating our headlines.

As we realize the ongoing racism occurring across the country, we can’t help but notice these ‘Karens’ at the center of nearly every scandal.

Last month, people publically ridiculed a ‘Karen’ after a bystander filmed a woman calling cops on a black man at Central Park. Karen even got fired from her job after the video went viral.

Yet another onlooker in Phoenix filmed a middle-aged white woman targeting a Hispanic shopper in a local supermarket.

Just when we thought we couldn’t write any more about racist Karens… it happens again in Torrence, California.

A young woman, identified as Sherry Berry, wanted to enjoy the sunny California weather. So she went to exercise at Wilson Park in Torrance.

While working out on the stairs and filming her cardio routine, an older woman hurried past her.

The woman came so unnecessarily close to Sherry that she bumped against her in the process.

The bump prompted the young woman to mutter, “Jesus.”

As soon as the older woman heard her comment, she returned — only to unleashed a profanity-filled rant that lasted several minutes.

white woman unleashes racist tirade against asian woman for exercising at park

The woman accused Sherry of taking up too much of the stairs. She also told her to “go back to whatever … Asian country you belong in.”

The woman barked:

“Why don’t you go somewhere else where you can go to a gym. This is not just for you. Get the [expletive] out of this world. Get the [expletive] out of this state. Go back to whatever Asian country you belong in.”

“This is not your place; this is not your home. We do not want you here. Put that on Facebook. I hope you do. Because every [expletive] person will beat the crap out of you from here on out. Don’t you ever say oh Jesus to me when I want to use the stairs, you little [expletive].”

white woman unleashes racist tirade against asian woman for exercising at park

Torrance Mayor Patrick Furey confirmed the city is aware of the incident and police are investigating.

Condemning the racist act, Furey noted:

“Conduct like that displayed on the video cannot be tolerated. Public safety is a high priority in the City of Torrance.”

“All visitors to our open spaces should always feel safe and free to exercise while [social distancing] without conflict.”