White Woman Lost '$125,000' Job For Viral Video Harassing Black Sisters

White Woman Lost ‘$125,000’ Job For Viral Video Harassing Black Sisters

In this era of civilization, you'd think that we've all been saved from the evil of racism. Unfortunately, some are still living in the past and are allowing their hatred to blind them. One person who still can't move past the unnecessary hate is Susan Westwood, a white woman living in North Carolina.

Susan thought she's better than two sisters with black skin and made sure they knew it. She harassed them, told them they're not good enough, and even stereotyped them because of their skin color.

It's easy to wonder where everyone was while all this was taking place. The sisters were outside, so any form of assistance from anyone would have been great. It's shocking that Susan had the nerve to openly say how she felt without caring about whether she hurt the woman without knowing the two women.

Looking at it from another angle, Susan could be suffering from low self-esteem. The fact that she kept repeating that she is "hot," "beautiful," and "white" is enough to prove this. I mean, who cares? She even went ahead to reveal how much she was paid every year at her workplace. The two sisters were very patient by keeping quiet as Susan displayed her ignorance and stupidity by calling one of them 'bitch' and continuously sticking her phone in one of the sisters' faces. One of them eventually called 911.

The video of the harassment was uploaded online, and it received the expected uproar. Many came forward with anger about the incident. After 911 was called, it's interesting that Susan wandered off into the darkness and was not seen again. From her speech, scent, and behavior, it was confirmed that she was drunk. If I were one of the sisters, I'd openly tell her what I think of her. Though people say the dumbest stuff when they're drunk on booze, Susan takes the cake.

What did Susan gain from the bullying of two innocent women minding their own business? She lost her job after a spokesperson of the company she worked for condemned her behavior. Additionally, charges were filed against her for her poor conduct. It'd be interesting to know what her family thinks of her. If she has any, that is. It's bad when men do this, but it's worse when we, as women, do it. We should stick together despite our differences in skin color, language, or nationality.

Trying to put down anyone based on their background or appearance is totally wrong. You never know who might be of help to you and in which situation. It's time for us to stand up and confront this demon together.

No one person is above the other. We are all equal, and if you enjoy bullying others, it's time you asked yourself what you gain from it. I personally believe that racism is a sign of ignorance and selfishness. Susan's experience with the law is proof enough that no one can escape the law, whether you're black or white.