White Woman Is So Obsessed With Tanning Injections That She's Often Mistaken For Being Black

A young woman, aged 23 and of white ethnicity, has confessed to her addiction to illicit tanning injections. She has had so many injections that people often mistake her for being of Black ethnicity. Hannah Tittensor, a student from Belfast in Northern Ireland, began using fake tanning cream during her teenage years.

However, she became dissatisfied with the brief duration of the results and transitioned to using the injections. Currently, she receives the injections on a regular basis, in addition to using a tanning bed, because she believes it enhances her complexion and gives her a glowing appearance.

1. Hannah's Brother Introduced Her To The Idea Of Tanning Injections

Melanotan, a laboratory-manufactured drug that adjusts the melatonin levels in the user's skin, resulting in a darker complexion, is frequently marketed online as a solution to skin problems. Despite being illegal, the drug is still available for purchase. When combined with a tanning bed, a user can undergo a significant transformation and become nearly unrecognizable.

2. There Are Side Effects To The Drug But They Are Worth It To Hannah

Despite being illegal in the UK and being banned for both sale and use, Hannah is willing to take extreme measures to acquire a steady supply of Melanotan for herself and her boyfriend. Although she acknowledges the presence of side effects associated with the drug, she deems them to be worthwhile.

"The only side effect is the first few days of taking it you feel sick and it sorta suppresses your appetite," she said. "Some people would say that that's a good thing."

3. Despite The Criticism She Is Received, She Doesn't Think She's Doing Anything Wrong

To Hannah, maintaining a dark tan is a crucial aspect of her self-confidence, and she fails to comprehend why anyone would object to it.

"Other girls say they can't live without having their nails done and I can't live without having a tan," she explained. "Pure and simple, it makes me happy."

4. An Extreme Tan Is Not The Only Thing Hannah Has To Show Off

Hannah currently boasts to her 38,000 Instagram followers about her 23-inch waist and her augmented bust, which enhance her figure. Based on the numerous supporters she has on the platform, it appears that her appearance is highly popular among many people.