"White Privilege": TikToker Performs "Rick & Morty" Dance For Cops

‘white Privilege’: Tiktoker Performs ‘rick & Morty’ Dance For Cops

A woman exploited white privilege to the maximum by performing the viral Rick & Morty dance. The TikTok video shows the woman dancing, and she later explained she did it to avoid a ticket.

Sydney Hopkins props her smartphone before saying, "All right, ready, fellas?" Then she goes on to do the dance for the officers.

The Rick & Morty dance started in July after a young man recorded himself rapping "Rick and Morty" repeatedly in front of a fake Woodrow Wilson grave. The signature sound and dance turned out to be quite a hit on TikTok, and many other people took videos of themselves doing the same dance in front of various objects.


Hopkins, however, decided to use the dance to mesmerize four police officers. It is unclear why she did this dance, although she added the caption "Rick and Mortying my way into not getting arrested" to the video when posting it.

Later, she claimed in the comments that she was not under arrest or detention but had walked up to the police officers and asked if she could do a quick show for them. Here's the video:


Rick and mortying my way into not getting arrested #rickandmorty

♬ original sound - Sydney Hopkins

Based on the video, the officers seemed to have taken the woman up on her offer, although they didn't seem that impressed by the performance. One of them actually facepalmed during the random show, while others gave awkward chuckles as the woman danced.

Many viewers also found the performance underwhelming, with one of them saying, "I'm rick and mortified."

'white Privilege': Tiktoker Performs 'rick & Morty' Dance For Cops

According to one of the commenters, the best part was where they were covering up their laughs.

However, despite the harsh feedback, the woman was not concerned. After her show, she asked the officers what they thought, and they claimed: "It was good."

Those off-camera can also be heard cheering for her.

After seeing the video, some viewers claimed that the officers would have been less amused if she wasn't white. One of the viewers wrote:


"Warning: reaction is different with different skin tones."

Many others seemed to echo this sentiment by writing "White privilege" in the comment section.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the treatment the officers gave Hopkins was special and unique to her?