White House Photos Show President Trump Working Hard In Hospital

White House Photos Show President Trump Working Hard In Hospital

After news broke about President Trump and his wife, Melania, testing positive for Covid-19, folks wondered what would happen next.

Many figured that the President would go into quarantine while undergoing treatment, and he'd stop working.

However, photos shared by the White House show President Trump working very hard despite being in the hospital.

Currently, the US leader is at the Walter Reed Medical Center, where the doctors monitor him.


Trump Reportedly In Good Condition


Photos revealed by the White House show President Trump focusing on his work.

He was pictured in the hospital's presidential suite.

His supporters felt relief to see the photos as there was worry over the state of his health.

The photos and assurance of good health came after earlier reported President Trump had been on oxygen before he was taken to hospital.

He was allegedly on oxygen while he was still at the White House.


According to a statement by White House doctor Sean Conley, President Trump's health is not something to worry about.


Conley says Trump made 'significant improvements' since he was tested positive with the dreaded Covid-19.

The doctor added that the President is doing well and completed the second dose of Remdesivir. He has not had any fevers yet and his oxygen levels remain good.

The statement also says the President is keeping busy and moving around with no difficulties.

Although he is not yet out of the woods, Trump's team is optimistic that he will be fine.


Meanwhile, they are keeping a close eye on him and his health while he remains in the hospital for a few more days.

Others Insist Trump Sounds Well


It's not only the White House that has assured Americans that the President is doing well.

Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, said that he had a very good call with the leader.

McConnell stated that Trump sounded well and that the two of them discussed the American economy and taking on the pandemic.

More Positive Tests Revealed


Despite the good news about the President's treatment, it seems that there is still bad news to share.

Jennifer Jacobs, a Bloomberg News reporter, stated that another White House official had tested positive for Covid-19.

The official is reportedly one of the President's personal assistants. More people in Trump's circle are testing positive, causing worry.

Only time will tell just how many of those who had contact with the President have been exposed to the virus.