Which High School Stereotype Are You? 

Which High School Stereotype Are You? 

High School is an eclectic mix of people, no matter where you go. Sometimes the variety of people is so big that it becomes a powder keg and sometimes it's more peaceful. But, every high school has a great number of stereotypes on board.

Hollywood movies make these more obvious, while they may have been more subtle in your school. For example, the mean girl may have not been that mean and the nerds may have had more friends.

So, let's see which high school stereotype are you!

The Popular Girl

Okay, so traditionally, the popular girl is always a mean girl, as seen in movies and TV shows. However, The Popular Girl is likely not really mean.

She's actually confident, beautiful and has a ton of friends - not because they are scared of her, but because they like her.

And even though you might have hated her in high school, she's just a girl who found her confidence before everyone else did.

My high school had many Popular Girls, so it wasn't really just one queen bee running the show.

The Scholar Type

We all know the kids who stayed in school after everyone went home, worked harder than anyone else and had the best grades. These kids are now doctors, scientists or who-knows-what.

Back then, though, they weren't the most popular kids to be around but they had their own groups and they were happy with that.

In my school, these kids were well-liked because of all of their achievements in science fairs and competitions. No one really messed with them and they were very friendly too.

The Artist Type

At my high school, we had a wide variety of artists. For one, there were the visual artists who always had paint on their faces, wore strange clothes and had their art supplies in huge artsy bags.

Then there were the musicians who carried their instruments and played them on breaks in the hallways.

Everyone always liked them. They were the cool kids to hang out with. (I'll admit it, my school put more emphasis on arts and STEM - we didn't even have a sports team).

The Couples

You haven't really seen their faces, and you don't really see them as two separate people, but you envy them, just a little bit.

Your high school probably had many couples too. It's only normal, high school is the best time for sweet romances. And since everyone knows the couples, they end up being popular, even if they don't spend a ton of time with anyone else.

The Funny Type

This person always has something funny to say. Teachers love to hate them because their remarks often interrupt their classes. But even they can't resist them sometimes.

They love attention and love getting laughs. We had several funny guys in my high school and they were well-liked, every group had one.

The Sleepers

These people may be cool to hang out with, but they don't really care about high school. They sit in the back and ignore the lessons most of the time. While they may not sleep all the time, they are often on their phones or just doodling something on a piece of paper borrowed from someone.

These people are often stoners as well, so most of their days are spent in confusion.

The Never-There Type

The legend says that they go to your high school, but no one has actually seen them. They might come in from time to time, just to confuse the teachers but then they often become Sleepers.

School is just not their thing.

The Outcasts

These people never really belonged to one single group. These were smart kids, but not really putting in the effort required to belong to The Scholar group. They never stood out, but were always interesting in some way.

Most of the time, they stuck with their best friend and were nice to everyone else.

These have been some of the biggest high school stereotypes you may know. Of course, there are many, many more. There's the Athletic group, The Nerdy Group, The Preppy Group, Hipsters, Goths, Bros and so on.

Which group do you belong to?