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Which Fake Tan Lasts The Longest? - An HONEST Review

Which Fake Tan Lasts The Longest? - An Honest Review

Today, I am going to talk about a fake tan brand that completely blew my mind.

As many of my avid readers know, I have been in the celebrity and public relations world for well over 10 years, working directly for celebrities, influencers, and even brands.

Yes, I sold my soul to be a manager... then I grew a conscience and found something I LOVED even more - being a photographer and having my own production house with real women as my models.

After working with brands for a long time, I started to see that it was never really about how good the product was. It was always more about boosting these brands' publicity for money.

When I started my production company, The Brand Girlz, I wanted to look at brands in fashion, beauty, tourism, and lifestyle niches (and their products) to understand what their core values were.

If I was going to personally put my name next to a product after all the years I spent building up my name in that world, either through collaborations or paid sponsorships, I couldn't personally sell out to just any brand.

I wanted what I said to be true to me and my core values, which is why I try the products myself.

That's why I am so excited to answer the question: Which fake tan lasts the longest? My answer: it's Naked Tan baby!

Trust Me, I Know Many Problematic Fake Tans

Earlier in the year, I booked a photoshoot with Instagram model Narteesha to shoot something simple, sexy, and elegant... but I NEVER EXPECTED THIS.

Narteesha has a naturally slightly tanned complexion, but she still has creamy skin. Finding the right kind of fake tan that would not only offer completely even coverage but also lasted longer than 3 days before it started to look a bit patchy would be amazing.

I know a lot of influencers and models who just keep topping up their tans until you have to edit their kneecaps, elbows, and certain parts of their body in photoshop when the tan build-up gets too bad. I've seen this for years, but what I saw with Naked Tan was something else...

No Patches Or Faded Spots With This Fake Tan

After the fake tan was applied, Narteesha went about her day normally: looking after her two kids, working, and genuinely being on the run. Now, as we all know, sweat and exertion usually make a tan run a little or get patchier in certain areas.

The shoot was taking place in the mid-afternoon. So, she washed the fake tan off after the recommended time to prepare for the shoot. I was there working with her at the trial shoot to decide if I should start The Brand Girlz.

The tan was impeccable. Not one line, not one faded spot, not one undeveloped area... it was perfect!

We spent 4 hours in and out of the bathroom we were shooting in and did a fairly short photoshoot as a tester. I ended up with 700 photos, a few dozen videos, and just some incredible content that I still haven't sat down and finished going through to this day. This had to be one of my favorite shoots to date.

Yes, Naked Tan Is The Best Fake Tan

NAKED TAN... IS the fake tan you're looking for. It's the glowing tan that makes you feel healthier and even makes you feel like you've lost a few inches around your body.

This tan is the Ultra Dark kind. It's a healthy glowing brown color, NOT orange. It's not sticky or tacky, and it's quick-drying. The tan also has an incredible scent. Most importantly.... it lasted 14 days!!!

I had so many compliments after using it, and I can genuinely say that I give Naked Tan my seal of approval for creating a product that does what it says and does it well!