Which Body Part Do You Wash First In The Shower? It Says A Lot About Your Personality!

Which Body Part Do You Wash First In The Shower? It Says A Lot About Your Personality!

What matters the most to you? Are you an optimist, a psychopath, or a hard-working person?

You can get all these and other answers about your personality by simply revealing which part of your body you wash first.


You are a practical person.

Choosing to wash your chest first shows that you are a straightforward person who hates distractions of any kind.


You may not be the easiest person to deal with since you are not patient and want people to see things your way.

Your ideal mate is someone who washes their hair first.


The most important thing in the world for you is money. Integrity and dignity fall flat when it comes to being richer than god.

You use people, as the world revolves around only one person - you.


Your ideal mate is someone who washes their privates first.


If you choose to wash your armpits first, you are dependable, hard-working, and helpful.

You don't have trouble helping people, but you are unsure about their intentions toward you.

Your best partner in life would be the one who chooses shoulders.


If you choose to wash your hair first, you are an artistic person.


You are prone to daydreaming, but dedicating yourself to work is not something you can easily master.

Your friends are intellectual, as you enjoy philosophical and artistic topics. When it comes to sex and choosing a partner, you need someone who is willing to explore as much as you are.

Try with those who chose to wash their chest and privates first, and let us know if we were right.



You are shy, and your lack of self-confidence allows others to bully you.

Your issues are not the other people as much as how you see yourself, making you appear dull and unattractive.

You are an extraordinary lover when it comes to sex, as sex is where your inner strength lies. Pick a partner who chooses to wash their face and hair first.



Do you think you were born a loser? People who wash their shoulders first fail at just about everything and are prone to vices, such as drinking or gambling.

Despite being vital to you, you simply cannot make enough money or achieve greatness.

You are not the best lover, so your best bet is to pick a partner who washed their armpits first.


Other Areas

You are an average Joe or Jane. You have inner strength, but it is not on display for the world to see.

You need to be more adventurous and let others see the real you.

Your likeability is hidden, so instead of pointing out your weakness, show the world what you are made of.

When it comes to sex, you fall into the average category, as you have fantasies but not enough bravery to try out new things.


It would help if you chose a partner who washes their face first.