Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

Since entering high school, most guys struggle to find out where to meet women. This proves that even though half of the world consists of females, meeting one is not easy.

Fortunately, today we will discuss some truths about meeting women.

The brutal truth is that men who wonder how to meet women are rarely out of their houses or the office. To make matters worse, whenever they visit places to meet women, they tend to pick places where competition for female attention is pretty high.

Besides, there are places where women go to have a good time and relax, not to meet guys. In such cases, these women are usually invested in something else to give you attention.

Needless to say, you have to avoid such places if you want to improve your chances and focus on where to meet women.

Moreover, you should not be distracted when you meet women. That means learning to make eye contact and smile is a must.

It is important to be in the moment, create a connection, and speak up. That is the only way a woman will understand you are interested and hopefully give you a chance.

But first, you have to visit the right places. Not every destination is a good hunting ground, and many guys know this all too well.

The Shocking Truth About Meeting Women

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

Although things might not seem so, there are a lot of great places to meet women. In fact, you can meet ladies anytime, anywhere.

Some great places to hook up include social events, religious functions, and shopping trips. You can even meet them when volunteering.

The problem with the average guy is that he would rather be locked up in his house, all alone.

How To Handle Competition

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

Even after finding the perfect places to meet women, you have to focus on places with less competition. That means you have to avoid places where women are not looking forward to getting hit on because every guy is already hitting on them.

Also, understand that different places have different standards about approaching women and chatting them up. For instance, only the most daring guys have a chance in bars and clubs, even though plenty of women are willing to meet guys.

In such entertainment joints, only guys who are at the top of their game tend to shine.

Additionally, you have to be ready for rejection and be willing to try your luck a couple of times without losing your self-confidence.

The truth is that most men dread rejection, which keeps them from trying in the first place. However, it is important to understand that, to the right woman, you are the best man she could ever meet.

That means your attempt to get her attention is worth it, even if you had failed a couple of times before.

How To Be Her Best Option

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

To ensure your best chances of success as you try to meet women, you must understand that men typically do the chasing and that women naturally have to hide from guys.

Before a woman can accept you and let you in, she must be sure you are the right guy. That means you have to give her a sense of safety.

Of course, one of your best options is to try to talk to women when they are in places they feel safe. A bar or a club certainly doesn't have that feel, which means it will take a lot of effort to convince her you are genuine in your intentions.

In places like bookstores, the mall, or coffee shops, your chances of success are much better because women feel safer and more confident of themselves in such settings.

Of course, you are not guaranteed to meet the lady you have always dreamed of having in your life in these places, but your chances are generally a little better.

So, Where To Meet Women?

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

Surprisingly, although most guys are looking to meet women, they tend to avoid such places. Hanging out in such places seems like a great way to waste a weekend for them.

Obviously, this is a huge misconception, and many men miss out on brilliant chances to meet great ladies by refusing to visit such places.

However, in the end, you have to decide whether you want to visit these places or not. That said, the trick to meeting women easily lies in your ability to remain open-minded about possible meeting venues.

Here are some places you can easily meet women.

1. At The Airports

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

If you don't own a private jet or travel by private means, your chances of meeting women are great whenever you are about to catch a flight. As you wait to board your flight, you can get a little bored, and so will most women waiting around.

Therefore, many women would not mind having an interesting conversation to pass the time. First of all, the fact that you are both traveling creates some common ground, and of course, people who travel a lot tend to love meeting new people.

So, she might be quite happy to meet a guy during her trip.

In fact, you can meet women even when aboard the flight, as long as they are sitting close enough. In such environments, social barriers are much lower as most people are curious to find out more about the interesting stranger sitting next to them.

That means sounding like an interesting guy should be pretty easy at airports. Women in your locality might not care much about funny stories about your hometown, but a total stranger probably will.

Sharing vacation and travel experiences also comes naturally to these women, and if you play your cards right, you could end up getting a partner.

2. At Museums, Galleries, And Exhibitions

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

Even if you are not so crazy about art, there are many chances that you will meet great women at these events. After all, these events are often hosted by universities, which means they have many young and unattached people in attendance.

The relaxed atmosphere offers a great opportunity to chat with women and meet new people.

3. The Post Office

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

Believe it or not, the post office is a great place to meet women. As you wait in line, you are likely to be in the company of a woman you would like to talk to, and the chances are that she will respond positively as the waiting can get boring.

4. During Meetups

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

Fortunately, there are a lot of meetup groups these days. People interested in tech, pets, hiking, and other fun activities meet up all the time.

So, whatever you are into, the chances are that there are meetup groups for it. In such groups, you are more than likely to meet a woman who wants to know more about you.

5. Faith-Based Groups

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

If you are religious, you should try joining a church group if you have a problem meeting women. You will be surprised at how many events come with being part of these groups, which means you will have plenty of chances to meet new people, including women who might really like you.

Although you might feel disinterested in attending Bible studies, these groups also come with events like parties, gatherings, volunteer events, and even sporting events. That can do your social life good and allow you to meet many new friends, including many potential partners.

6. Sporting Leagues

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

You probably think that most sporting leagues you would join are filled with guys anyway. So, you might not imagine they can give you a lot of chances of meeting women.

However, the truth is that many women are fans of these sports as well, and you can easily meet them and find a partner in one of them if you are already in a league.

7. Take A Class

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

You don't have to get into a huge commitment like taking another college course here. You can take a cooking or pottery class, some music lessons, or even a dancing class.

Heck, you can even join a wine tasting class. The point is, you will have plenty of chances of meeting women who might be interested in you by joining these classes.

8. Visit Animal Adoption Centers

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

As you try to enjoy some time with dogs in rescue centers or other places, you are likely to meet the woman who will be willing to spend the rest of her life with you. Don't worry. You don't have to adopt a dog or any other pet whenever you visit these places.

After all, you can visit animal adoption centers or shelters to play with these animals and show them some love. That counts for something.

For this reason, these places will usually be quite welcoming to you, and anyone willing to help these animals have a good time.

Besides, showing your love and care to cute and vulnerable animals is a powerful move that will show your potential partner the kind of love and attention she will get once she is yours.

Some guys mistakenly think these places are full of strange cat women who only care about cats. However, there are plenty of younger women and animal lovers who would not mind meeting an available and viable guy as well.

In addition to meeting ladies at the shelters, it is important to remember that these facilities often have events, dog walks, and other events you can attend. In other words, you will open a lot of doors socially by getting involved with animal centers.

9. Volunteer

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

When some people hear of volunteering, they think of soup kitchens and other activities that will result in them interacting with needy people. While that is true to some extent, it is not always the case.

Many volunteering opportunities will give you a chance to meet with lots of single and available women.

You can volunteer in political campaigns, the Red Cross, libraries, national parks, youth groups, churches, foundations, and so forth.

The good thing is that you can take things a little further and focus on something that really increases your chances of meeting women. For instance, if you are good at martial arts, you can volunteer to teach women and girls self-defense.

You can also offer to teach skills like cooking, design, or even photography to groups that will most likely include women.

10. The Park

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

You have no idea how good your chances of meeting women at parks really are. For instance, you can take your dog to the dog park and meet lots of dog-loving ladies.

In fact, you can go there to have a jog or ride a bike. Better yet, you can bring friends along and enjoy a fun soccer or basketball game, which is bound to draw a lot of public attention.

So, stop thinking of parks as places for parents and kids to have a good time. Although parks might not have too many women in comparison to events like festivals, your chances of meeting women who are receptive to your advances are actually much better.

11. Have Lunch Out

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

We don't like eating alone, but when you do this at home, nobody will be around to help you fix that. However, you can always grab your lunch at a restaurant, and the odds are that someone special might join you.

Some women will be eating alone at these places as well, and they might even sit right next to you. That will make it extremely easy for you to start a conversation.

A few will be visiting from out of town, and they will certainly enjoy having a local give them some company.

In particular, you can focus on sitting in the waiting area for carryout orders, where a woman might be sitting alone for several minutes with nothing else to do. That will give you a perfect opportunity to start a conversation.

12. Vintage And Antique Shops

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

Many women are into design, which means many of them visit vintage and antique shops. The best thing about these places is that they will have many strange things that will make starting a conversation bliss.

Most men, however, wonder how they would justify visiting an antique shop. Fortunately, these places have a lot of cool interior décor items you can pick up.

So, you will not end up there looking out of place as you wait for a chance to hit on a random woman.

13. Coffee Shops

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

When most people hear of coffee shops, they only think of Starbucks. However, there are many coffee shops around, and many female coffee lovers in these places might welcome a friendly stranger's attention.

14. Clubs

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

Clubs have a lot of women, but few guys can approach them. In any case, some people don't like nightclubs, but there are many great alternatives you can try including wine bars, music venues, and jazz clubs.

In fact, these places might be better because the music is not so loud, which means you don't have to shout at the woman you are trying to talk to.

15. Grocery Stores

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

A lot of women can be found doing grocery shopping at Whole Foods or Target over the weekends. These are some of their best places to visit as they shop, and they are often relaxed and enjoying themselves.

That is why many women shop during the weekends. You can try to shop for groceries during the weekends as well, as that will significantly increase your odds of meeting a lady you can call your own.

16. Libraries And Bookstores

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

Although ebooks have dealt a crushing blow to libraries and bookstores, these places still get many visitors. That includes women of all ages who like reading books the old-fashioned way.

So, visiting these places is a great way to meet women.

17. Movie Theaters

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

Going to the movies can give you plenty of opportunities to meet women. As you wait in line, you might have a potential partner standing right next to you.

A good trick is to watch a chick flick because the chances are that you will meet with a lot more women when watching such movies.

After all, most of them will be eager to discuss these movies afterward, and obviously, that will give you many chances to create rapport with a girl you like and hopefully end up dating.

18. Weddings

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

Most guys are not crazy about weddings, but these happy occasions can be great places to meet women. Of course, you have to try and be a fun and social guy while there, or even your cool, confident self.

However, looking like you are enjoying yourself will get the attention of many ladies, and they might even approach you and talk to you.

Just be careful not to act shy and awkward, as that will be a turn-off for any woman who might be interested in you. Confidence is key, whether you are the social and fun guy or a more laid-back and cool guy.

19. Dating Seminars

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

Few guys ever think of this option. However, you can meet ladies at seminars on how to meet men.

You obviously can't be in the seminar, but you can hang out in the hotel lobby of the seminar's venue. Once the women leave, they will be eager to put their new lessons to work, and all you have to do is approach a promising prospect, and the chances are that she will have plenty to say to you.

20. The Laundromat

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

Sadly, a lot of people have their own washers and dryers these days. However, many young people, especially students, have to rely on laundromats.

That makes these places great for men who are trying to pick up women.

Even today, lots of women go to laundromats, and you can approach a lot of them without looking strange. Of course, this plan works better if you actually have some laundry to do as well.

You can easily break the ice by borrowing some detergent.

21. Festivals, Fairs, And Carnivals

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

Don't be fooled that fairs and carnivals are for kids. These events attract a lot of people of all ages.

After all, they feature all kinds of themes, and some of them will certainly have plenty of single and young people looking forward to meeting and mingling with potential partners.

22. Poetry And Book Readings

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

If you love poetry and books, then attending readings is a great way to meet like-minded women. Such events tell women that you have a sensitive and creative side and many women like that in a man.

23. The Beach

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

If you have a beach within your area, then you are in luck. These places offer a lot of opportunities for you to meet women.

The best thing about beaches is that you can spend all your time there. Besides, most of the women you meet will be having a good time, making chatting them up so much easier.

In addition, being at the beach means you will be having a good time, which can win you a lot of female attention.

As you know, common interests make meeting women so much easier.

24. Marathons, Races, And Fundraising Events

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

In case you didn't know, these kinds of events are great at helping you meet new people, including potential dates. The fact that you will have shared interests will make talking to women more natural during such occasions.

As a plus, if you are attending a charity event, the chances are that you will be dealing with a lot of good quality women who can make amazing partners.

25. Get A Part-Time Job

Where To Meet Women – Top Best Places You Never Expected

Many women flock to social places like restaurants, which means working there gives you plenty of opportunities to meet them. Besides, such jobs give you a lot of experience as a conversationalist as you actually have to interact with these ladies.

That is why doing part-time jobs gives you an amazing opportunity to meet women. Some of the girls visiting these places don't have much to do later, which means you can easily talk them into having a date with you once your shift is over.

As you can see, there are a lot of places you can meet women. It is just that most guys limit themselves and focus on places that don't give them the best chances of this happening.