Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

Short answer, nowhere. Good men still exist. I know you have been through lots of relationship literature claiming that good men have gone extinct.

This is ironic considering the endless amounts of information on what it takes to be a good man or woman in a relationship.

People are being taught how to treat their partners, become better lovers and parents, and ingrain in them the priceless virtue of responsibility.

But why do good me still seem so rare?

The answer might be that women don't know how to sniff them out. Bad men have mastered the art of looking like the perfect men, and women's experiences with these fakers have them confused about what a good man looks like.

You might even think there are no good men left, which is an insane belief. Allow me to assure you that good men exist, and here's how you spot one.

1. He's Attentive

Many men have been accused of not being attentive enough to the women's needs in their lives. Listening takes little effort, but it means a lot in a relationship. All you have to do is sit still and listen. But to become a good listener, you have to be more active.

As you talk, a man who keeps quiet as he browses through his phone is not a good listener. The guy has to focus on what you are saying and encourage you to keep you going through appropriate interjections and responses. Men who listen are very attractive.

2. He's Mature

A mature man deals with life's issues with calmness and civility. He is also independent and can make decisions and stand by them. This man can even be entrusted to take care of another human being, whether it be his woman or child.

Note that wealth does not equal maturity, but the man has to know how to take care of his business. Age is not a sign of maturity either. I'm sure you have seen a lot of immature men in their 30s. A mature man is also out on his own, not living with roommates or parents, and he carries himself with dignity wherever he goes.

3. He's A Gentleman

By a gentleman, I mean polite, considerate, respectful, and concerned with the woman's needs. Sure, the classic gentlemanly attributes like holding the door, pulling your chair, taking your coat and so forth also fall under this definition.

But more importantly, a gentleman will treat you in a way that makes you feel respected and treasured. A gentleman does not cross the line and get inappropriate.

4. He Has Emotional Fortitude

Men who go through emotional rollercoasters over the slightest issues will drain you. A good man should be emotionally stable to handle life's many setbacks without falling apart. These men are respectable and dependable. A guy who becomes a basket case as soon as something doesn't go their way is not right for you.

5. He Knows What He Wants

A woman who knows what she wants in life does not need relationships with men who have no idea where they are heading in life. A mature man has a very clear goal for his future. He has ambitions and is not afraid to chase them. He does not easily give up and will not settle for mediocrity. He is also daring but careful not to mess up his life.

Can you find a man with all these qualities? Probably not. In the end, you might have to prioritize some of these qualities over others based on what you want the most in your ideal man. But this list should be a pretty reliable guide as you search for a good man.