When You Want Closure But Your Ex Won't Meet Up To Go Through Things

When You Want Closure But Your Ex Won’t Meet Up To Go Through Things

So you've been sitting around lately working out where your relationships went wrong and decided to pick up the phone and text or call your ex saying you wanted to catch up and find out where it all went wrong. Before you even know it, they've responded saying they don't want to meet up because they don't want to open up old wounds.

If you've faced this chances are that they have moved on mentally and emotionally from the relationship and don't want to put themselves in an uncomfortable position. They don't want to put in any more effort and meeting up with you may just seem a little too difficult for them.

While this can be painful for you to hear you really should be asking yourself why you want to meet up with them so badly. Sometimes people want to meet up with their exes to rekindle a past relationship because they are afraid to be alone and it's moments like this that we are the most vulnerable and irrational, you're craving what you once had but know now it will never be the same.

People who go through these stages begin to think that maybe this time around it could be a lot better but the truth is that there is a reason you are both exes. Exes often come back together over and over again thinking or hoping that they can make the relationship work when in all honesty, they're just not compatible anymore. You should be asking yourself why this still matters to you so much, you think that you are still in love but you need to take the rose coloured goggles off and think about whether they are really the best thing for you right now.

Moments like this you should be taking the time to get to know yourself better, to learn, and grow as a person. This will help you to be a better match for someone in the future and learning from your experiences stop you from making the same mistakes again. If your ex doesn't want to meet up and open old wounds then this is sending you a message that they want to move on with their life, don't waste any more of your time.

While at that moment you may not want to consider it but them moving on is probably one of the best things to happen to both of you. It will force you to reflect on that relationship and learn the lessons that will help you do better in the future.

If you want to go over what happened in that relationship, why not try writing it all out, everything you want to go over and read over it in 24 hours time. Maybe then you will be able to see things a little more clearly because at that moment your heart will put you in a very vulnerable place where you definitely shouldn't make any rash decisions. After all, do you want another mistake to think about?