When You Love Someone, Here's How You'll Know

When You Love Someone, Here’s How You’ll Know

When you love someone, you will be filled with so many emotions and thoughts you might even doubt your sanity. This powerful force can get your head spinning and make you feel like you are living in a different world.

They say love is blind because those overcome by it cannot see the grave flaws in those they adore and cherish.

After loving each other, people see and feel things they have never felt before.


But then we hear that infatuation can also cause love-like feelings. And so, we can get concerned about committing to the wrong person based on temporary emotions.

If this describes you, then this article is for you.

So, is it love you are feeling, or is it something else you feel?

What's Love?

A lot of us have asked ourselves this question at some point. And you are not the first. This has been going on for as long as human history.


Love involves emotions, behavior, physiology, and everything else in between. Because of it, we feel warmth, respect, protectiveness, and desire.

There is no definite way to define this powerful word, however hard we try.

It evolves, and while at first, you might define it by the butterflies you feel in your stomach when you see the person. Eventually, you might define it by the feeling of comfort you feel when you see the person.


And you cannot compare the way you feel love to the way another person does. A 20-year-old does not experience it as a 40-year-old does.

But one thing remains true of all kinds of love: it changes you from the inside out.

When You Love Someone, You Will Know It; And Here's How


1. Life Is More Positive

Some people use love to excuse their awful behaviors: "I only did it because I love you."

That does not happen when love is true. When you love someone, you can never hurt them on purpose "because you love them."

True loving is never negative. It does not result in harmful attacks, stalking, and other kinds of pain.


When you truly fall for someone, you don't want them to hurt, even if they have upset you or hurt you. You want your actions to ensure they get the very best from you and nothing less.

2. Love Has A Strong Foundation

If you like them just for their looks and nothing else, then you might not be in love. It is based on something a lot more serious.


When in love, you will appreciate the way a person looks, talks, relates to people, behaves, and so forth. You know it's real when you appreciate even their strange idiosyncrasies and annoying flaws.

The time you stop loving someone over something they have and start loving them despite everything they are, then what you feel is real.

And unlike what many people think, it does not have to take years of being together for the loving to be real.


But once you know you are into someone completely, then what you feel is real. Unlike what many people think, it does not have to take too much time to understand the good and the bad things.

3. You Love Yourself More When You Love Someone

You are not truly into someone unless you love yourself more after loving the person. This is not an emotion you can have for another person without experiencing it towards yourself.


True affection comes from deep within, and it has to come from a pure place. If you feel loved, and feel your love, then you are probably right.

But if you have doubts within yourself, then what you feel might be something else.

You have to be completely comfortable with who you are to know that what you feel for another person is love. When you are completely into someone, you have enough love within yourself to offer others.


4. You Will Love In Stages

Ultimately, love is a feeling. The only difference is that it lasts for much longer than most other feelings you will experience in life.

This feeling can last through all other kinds of emotions. Even when upset with this person, you will still feel an undying passion for them.

True love endures, and it takes many forms. So, it's not just about passion, kindness, and other warm and fuzzy feelings people think it should be all about.


It is stable and quiet, and it can stand the test of time because the hard times cannot make it disappear out of sight.

When you love someone, you cherish every moment you spend together, regardless of if it's good or bad.

5. You Cooperate

No relationship is without challenges. As the relationship starts, for instance, the partners might seem perfect in each other's eyes.


But over time, they notice things they might not like about each other. And, if it's a habit they can work on, you try to make them work on it as a loving partner.

That is cooperation: working together to enrich your relationship even more.

If you are willing to improve yourself for the sake of the relationship as much as you are willing to see the other person improve, then you have truly fallen for this person.


Love is about compromise and being willing to do for your partner what you would like them to do for you.

6. Life Is A Lot More Exciting

When you completely love someone, things will feel much more exciting, even if you have done them countless times in the past.

Even when taking a walk in the park, it will feel a lot more exciting now that this person is in your life.


That is why you will find sitting through hours of sporting events you previously hated a lot of fun simply because you have this person beside you.

When into someone, everything about you changes, even the way you see love. That is why the couples you considered obnoxious for expressing their passions openly will not seem so gross anymore.

Even watching the TV will not be the same again in the arms of this person.


When you meet this person, things become new and exciting. That's a fact.

7. When You Love Someone, Your Relationship With Them Feels Easy

I am sure you have heard of relationships that are extremely difficult. But if you in a loving relationship, things will feel easy.

You don't feel like you are struggling because you are happy doing things for the relationship.


While other people will go on and on about their problems and bicker and argue, you easily get over any relationship issues you face.

Pride does not get in the way, and it does not matter if you win or lose the argument as long as the relationship is doing well and you and your partner are doing fine.

The only thing that feels difficult is your time apart. All you can do is miss your partner and the precious moments you spend together when they are away.


8. You Can't Stop Thinking About The Person

This person will always be on your mind and going for hours without chatting or seeing each other can drive you crazy.

This emotion is not something you can brush off until later. When the feelings come upon you, they are irresistible.

When you don't truly feel this way about someone, you can decide you won't talk to them again for hours or days and do it with no psychological anguish.


But when it's this special person, it would be incredibly difficult to do that. Loving someone means having a longing to be with them and knowing they are fine all the time.

9. You Think About The Future You'll Have Together

Loving someone means you never want to let them go, which is another way of saying you want them in your future as well.


Without knowing it, you start to plan what your future should be like with this person. You imagine what your life will be like when you are older.

So, you begin to make decisions while taking into consideration the future you will have with this person. For all senses and purposes, this person becomes a part of your life, and you can't think of a future without them.

10. When You Love Someone, You Treat Them Differently

You cannot love someone and treat them as you would other people. It's impossible.


In fact, people will notice that you treat the person differently once you are into them, even when you try your best to keep the relationship hidden.

For one, you will be more affectionate towards this person because you want them as close to you as possible.

So, if you feel like this person puts you off, then what you have is not love for them. Otherwise, nothing about them would feel obnoxious to you.


11. You Become A Better Version Of Yourself

When you find someone you truly love and want to be part of your life, you will want them to get the best possible version of yourself.

You feel more anxious than ever to chase your dreams, and you easily pursue new goals in life because the person makes you a better you.


Loving someone brings out the best in you, and you end up being a better you in the process. Not only do you want this person to succeed, but you also want to succeed, especially for them.

12. When You Love Someone You Want Your Family And Friends To Know About Them

Family and friends make a big part of you, and they are an important part of your life. When you are crazy about someone, you want to be part of everything you care about.


And so, you try to make sure your family and friends know about them and realize how important they matter to you.

Love is a very powerful feeling, and it changes you in ways nothing else could.

But when you love someone, you cannot always be sure what you feel is real or something a little more temporary. Hopefully, this list settles your doubts.