When You Have Something Good, Don't Go Looking For Someone Better

When You Have Something Good, Don’t Go Looking For Someone Better

It's human nature always to want more. But, at the same time, if you beat those urges, you'll become stronger. Not only that, but you'll also learn to appreciate what was right in front of you.

The thrill of risking it all for something better that might never come is exciting, scary, and very primal. We want better jobs, more money, clothes, yet what about love? Why is it that we treat people like they are material possessions? And how to stop?

The chaser

When you have a good thing going, you should do everything you can to keep it safe. To keep that person, to nurture your connection and deepen it. You know it, and your heart's in it.

Yet, there's that little voice telling you that you could do better. It's not real: that voice is nothing but a hunter in you, asking you to chase, run, despite knowing that you found your sanctuary.

Not many seem to realize that once you make your peace and love the one your with, it's a road to a happy, healthy life. So, what is it going to be? Life of cheap thrills or a lifetime of happiness?

The gambler

Your relationship is smooth sailing. Suddenly, you feel the urge to throw it all away. And in the same instant, you're probably thinking, "well, either way, there's more fish in the sea!"

On rare occasions, we do find something bigger, better. But, most of the time, we lose everything. And rightfully so. If you're gambling with someone's heart, you don't deserve any better.

The competition

Your partner doesn't have to be the best looking or the smartest one. They can have their flaws, imperfections, but they fit perfectly with yours. And that's real love – you fit like pieces of a puzzle.

But, for some reason, you're looking for someone better because of your vanity. You need other people's approval, and again, deep down, you know it's wrong. Yet, you can't help yourself. Will those others be with you when you're left on your own? All alone, with regret and all the dark thoughts you'll have because your good was the best.

The pressure

When you have something good, you should cherish it. But, at the same time, you shouldn't force it or fake it. The outside pressure is none of your business as long as you and your partner are comfortable with arrangements.

You don't have to get married or have kids. Your lives don't have to change to suit others. Because if they do, you'll begin to wonder whether you settled and that kind of pressure will break any partnership.

Keep your love away from the others because, after all, you're just human. And you might crack under other people's expectations.

Making it better

There's something that will keep you away from destroying that great thing you have. It's called progress. Invest more, cherish, and love unconditionally. That's a challenge, as well as looking for something you think might be better for you.

In this case, you're doing the exact opposite of ruining your good thing. You're making a relationship more intimate, more profound. As you grow and become more involved with each other, the thrill of the chase, that feeling that you'll find someone better, will go away.

Learning to be kind to your partner and yourself, understanding the importance of having the right person, that's priceless. Being so comfortable with someone you can give them your heart and feel joy is what dreams are made of.

When you have it good, hold onto it, don't throw it away. As long as you're feeling optimistic about your partnership, you shouldn't take it for granted.

This doesn't mean that you have to have someone. It's okay to be single. But, when you find your perfectly imperfect person, give them your best. They deserve it, and so do you!