When You Fall In Love

Is He Toxic Or Just Clueless? Top Two Tell Tales And What To Do About It

Oh, the beautiful, all-consuming, unexplainable love… Isn't it the worst? You spend a lifetime chasing it, and when you do find it, you have to ask: "How do I know it's real? How do I know they are the one?"

Falling in love is one of the best and worst feelings. Your heart and soul are in someone else's hands, and it is scary. It's also exhausting because we live in an era of instant love and hookups. So, how do you know you found the one? No one can predict the future, but you can try to read the little signs your partner is leaving you every day.


It's in their kiss

Never underestimate the power of a profound, earth-shattering kiss. If your person is kissing you like it's the first and the last time, they are clearly mad about you. People can fake relationships, but it's much harder to fake passion and a real need for someone.

Eyes wide open

Kissing is the best, but the truth is the eyes. Well, it's in the wine, but that's a whole different topic. It's vital to maintain eye contact when your partner is talking to you, and when you're the one doing the talking. It means that you care what your partner is saying. The eyes reveal what the soul feels.


All will be well

There's another huge thing a real partner will be able to give you: a state of bliss. They know how to calm down your mind, to bring back balance into your life. Their attention isn't purely physical because they crave you to feel wanted, appreciated, and heard. So, it's a package deal.

I got you, babe

You know that your loved one will pick up the phone at any time because you need help. And you know that no one will be able to hurt and get away with it because your partner has your back. Real love is protective and kind, so you feel safe and secure even when you're not with them.


Working on a dream

It's more than making plans, but less than childish, foolish dreams. You two are improving individually while growing together. You make decisions together, and your discussions about the future are rational, and you're both open to making changes for the sake of your togetherness. You're equals, and even when it seems difficult, you still find compromises without looking back.


Make me smile

You get each other's sense of humor, and often, it feels like you speak some language others don't understand. Sharing giggles, having fun, and enjoying being together is a part of every mature relationship. You make fun of each other lovingly, and respectfully. Even when you're arguing, which all couples do since we are still humans.


Truly, madly, deeply

You know you found the one when they make you feel like you're a better person for loving them. They don't have to shower you with cuteness because you know what's on their mind – you. The two of you share respect, you are honest and open, and your world is better since you met them. Is it too much? Yes, that's why love is such a mystery to most of us mere mortals.


At last

Finally, you know they are the ones because you can't fool them. They will call you out on your BS because they know you. Your partner is your friend, lover, and your other half. Maybe you never felt like you need someone to feel complete, but when you found them, you realized that you wanted them to be that person.

Love isn't a constant pain, nor is it something that magically appears, only to disappear the morning after. It's a story, and each chapter brings new excitements and adventures, some good, some bad. But overall, you know you have someone you don't want to let go of because everything is a little better when you're with them.