When You Date Someone Who Has Been Single For A While, Expect These 15 Things

When You Date Someone Who Has Been Single For A While, Expect These 15 Things

With the right mentality, being single can be incredibly fun since you can focus on the perks that single people enjoy over people in relationships. For instance, without a partner to consider every move you make, you can decide how to arrange things in your house and make other big decisions unilaterally.

Therefore, when someone who has been used to this kind of life gets into a relationship, that's bound to be a huge change.


And so, if you happen to be dating someone who has been single for a while, here are some things to expect from the relationship.

1. During The Early Stages, They'll Seem Stubborn About Some Things

It's a desperate attempt to hold on to the independence they had while still single. But eventually, they will realize that you mean well and will give up some of that power to enjoy the benefits of being in a relationship with you.


2. They Might Decline Offers From You To Do Things For Them

After all that time of doing things for themselves, people who have been single see independence as a normal part of their lives.

So, when you try to do something for them, they might not take it very well because it's very alien and strange.

3. They Might Seem Unconcerned With Your Feelings

This person is not used to caring so much about another person's feelings or having someone care about theirs for that matter.


But know that they want to care about you and how you feel, which is why they are in a relationship with you. Over time, they'll get comfortable with the idea of being concerned with your feelings and having someone care about theirs as well.

4. There Will Be No Rush

Single people might seem like they are not keen to know you, but that's simply not true. They are not used to giving anyone so much attention after all that time of being single.


But don't worry, that will change over time.

5. They'll Seem Intimidating

Single people are very self-reliant, which can seem a bit off-putting. However, this should not be a concern for you, as they do it to protect themselves.

But once they realize they don't need to protect themselves from you, they will give up this attitude and let you in.


6. They'll Want Some Alone Time

After spending so much time enjoying themselves, they might have a greater need for solitude than you might expect, although they care about you.

You should respect and accept that, whether or not they change over time.

7. They'll Hide Their Vulnerability

This person is used to relying on no one else but themselves. Therefore, having someone see their weaknesses can make them incredibly vulnerable.


8. They'll Do Things Without Your Knowledge

Single people do whatever the hell they want when they want to. Because they are so used to being alone, they have a problem taking other people's opinions into consideration before doing something that might affect both of you.

Just bear with them until they finally realize that they are in a relationship now.


9. Trust Might Not Come Easily

Trust builds over time. So, you cannot expect them to trust you from the first day, especially after spending all that time trusting no one but themselves.

10. They're A Little Afraid

Most people are single because they got hurt at some point in their lives. The fear of getting hurt again might still be with them, which might make them a little scared of being in a relationship with you.


11. They'll Be A Little Stubborn

Since they might not be so used to partnering with others on many things in life, people who have been single for some time might require time to adjust and make changes required of someone in a relationship.

12. They'll Be Reserved, Initially

Yes, they will be a little shy after all that time outside a relationship. It will take a while before they warm up to the idea of being in a relationship.


13. Friends Might Get In The Way

Friends to the person you are dating are used to seeing them single. So, your sudden presence in their lives and their ensuing change in habits and behavior as a result of being in a relationship will make them a little concerned.

They might need time to understand that you mean well.

14. They'll Be Guarded

Being single means learning to depend on yourself. So, before those walls can break down and they let someone in, these people will be a little guarded.


15. They Might Be A Little Distant

A single person might find the transition from being single to being in a relationship a little shocking, which might make them feel the urge to withdraw a bit.

However, you should not be too concerned about that. Understand that they need time to adjust to having someone become part of their daily lives, which can be a bit scary.


Loving someone who has been single for a while is not the same as loving a person who has been in a relationship recently. Single people need time to adjust to the reality of being in a relationship, and you have to be patient and understanding for it to work.