When Were You Born? Every Month Tells A Different Story, Read Yours Here...

When Were You Born? Every Month Tells A Different Story, Read Yours Here...


Pretty/great looking. Adores getting dressed up. Get bored easily. Fastidious. Only sometimes demonstrates feelings. Sets aside space and time to heal when hurt. Sensitive. Rational. Difficult. Stubborn.


Abstract thought. Cherishes reality and fiction. Canny and sharp. Evolving personality. Beguiling. Sexiest out of everybody. Unstable. Peaceful, timid, and humble. Fair and steadfast. Resolved to achieve goals. Enjoys having freedom. Stubborn when limited. Can be too sensitive and hurt without effort. Gets bothered by things easily but does not demonstrate it. No time for pointless things. Loves making new friends, but seldom indicates it. Brave and stubborn. Acknowledging dreams and expectations. Sharp. Enjoys sports and relaxation. Is a romantic at heart, but rarely shows this.


An appealing personality. Attractive, tender, shy and holds back. Shrouded. Usually fair, kind, and thoughtful. Thrives on harmony and peacefulness. Sensitive to other people. Incredible kisser. Is maddened easily. Reliable. Grateful and returns the kindness. Barely demonstrates feelings. Will in general bottle up sentiments. Attentive and evaluates others.


Refined and compromises. Clever and hilarious. Defiant. Extremely talkative. Quiet and gathered. Sweet and thoughtful. Faithful. Works better alone. Sensitive but with a positive attitude. Generous thinking. Great memory. Sharp and proficient. Adores searching for data. Ready to perk everybody up as well as make them chuckle. Eager to encourage and motivate not only themselves but other people. Understanding. Enjoyable to be around. Agreeable. Hyper. Bubbly identity. Enjoys sports, music, recreation, and traveling. Efficient. Hot, yet has the brains.


Unflinching and hard-hearted. Strong-willed and exceptionally motivated. Honed thoughts. Irritated without much effort. Pulls in others and adores attention. Profound emotions. Attractive both physically and rationally. Firm standpoint. Needs no inspiration. Modest towards the opposite sex. Effectively comforted. Efficient (left mind). Loves nothing more than to dream. Solid hyper vision. Understanding. Strong creative ability. Doesn't like staying at home. Adores writing and the arts. Persevering. Cheerful.


You have the best personality and are a flat-out delight to be near. You want to make new friends and be active. You are a fantastic flirt, and more than likely have an extremely appealing partner, an underhanded cutie. It is likewise more than likely that you have a vast record collection. You also have an extraordinary collection of movies, and who knows, you may one day turn into a well-known performing artist/on-screen actor yourself – hell, you have the looks for it!


Enjoyable to be around. Shrouded. Difficult to comprehend and to be understood. Quiet, except if energized or under strain. Takes pride in oneself. Has notoriety. Effortlessly comforted. Real to life. Worried about individuals' feelings. Thoughtful. Amicable. Agreeable. Can be touchy and unpredictable. Emotions can be hurt easily. Bubbly and sparkly. Not vindictive. Pardoning yet always remembers. Aides others physically and rationally. Tweaked and structured impressions painstakingly. Treats everyone the same. A solid feeling of reassurance. Attentive and sharp. Judges individuals through perceptions. Dedicated. No issues with studying. Thrives being around friends. Not contrary except if provoked. Adores being loved. Effortlessly hurt however takes a long to recuperate.


Outgoing personality and a daring individual. Feeds on the limelight. No Self-control. Kind-hearted. Self-assured. Reckless and riotous. Exceptionally vindictive. Simple to coexist with and talk to. Has an "everything's peachy" standpoint. Absolutely loves talking and singing. A big music fan. Daydreamer. Effortlessly preoccupied. Loathes not being trusted. Huge creative energy. Loathes study and tests. Needing "that somebody." Yearns for freedom. Has a Rebellious streak when retained or limited. Lives by "no pain no gain" attitude. Continuously the suspect. Eccentric. One of a kind. Free. Solid willed.


Dynamic and full of life. Is decisive and has much haste which often leads to regret. Solid mindset. Cherishes attention. Gracious. Comforting, compassionate, and helps others out with their problems. Valiant and daring. Gutsy. Adoring and caring. More often than not, you have countless friends. Loves making love! Passionate. Defiant. Hurried. Great memory. Loves to travel and go on adventures. Sexy in ways only their lover can understand.


Love to chat. Cherishes the individuals who adore them. Internal and physical beauty. Lies yet doesn't pretend they do. Gets irate regularly. Treats friends with importance. Bold and brave. Continually making new friends. Effectively hurt easily, however, recoups effortlessly. Daydreamer. Has extreme opinions. Does not want to or tries to control their emotions. Erratic. To a high degree very intelligent, however unquestionably the hottest AND sexiest of all.


Dependable and faithful. Extremely passionate and can be dangerous. Wild on occasion. Realizes how to have a great time. Provocative and secretive. Everybody is drawn towards your inward and external beauty and their keen sense of independence. Fun-loving, however, stays low-key. Exceptionally passionate and volatile at times. Meets new people without much effort and acts extremely social in any gathering. Bold and free. Can stand their ground. Catches everyone's eye. Basically extremely smart. For the most part, the greatest men are born in this month. On the off chance that you ever start an association with somebody from this month, hang onto them because they are unique.


This straight-up means you're the most attractive individual conceivable… better than all the different months! Steadfast and full of generosity. Devoted. Has a competitive streak. Inpatient and hurried. Aggressive. Powerful in any organization. Enjoyable to be with. Simple to converse with, however hard to understand at times. Thinks far with vision, yet perplexing to know. Effectively coerced by kindness. Considerate and calm. Having heaps of ideas. Delicate. The mind is always active. Fussy and always needs the best. Sensitive. Entertaining and silly. Loves to joke. Great debating abilities. Has that somebody generally on his/her brain. Chatterbox. Daydreamer. Knows how to make friends. One guy/girl sort of individual. Loveable. Easily hurt. Inclined to get colds. Adores music.