When The Strong Gets Tired Of Being Strong

When The Strong Gets Tired Of Being Strong

Truth be told, even the strongest people get tired of being strong. These are those who put their problems aside to be there for whoever needs them. They struggle with their pains, bills, and exhaustion alone. Why? Just because there are too many people who count on them and look up to them.

Sometimes the strong get overwhelmed by their own issues so much so that they can't figure a way out. They feel cramped beyond movement, suffocated, and sapped of vigor. Yet, many who depend on them fail to realize that they are human too, not superhuman.

Strong people break down

They cry under the weight of their problems, though, in silence. Sometimes, they are so stressed that getting up the next day seems like a lot of work. Many of them live on pills. Yet, they put up a smile and face each day like they are absolutely fine.

Strong people get exhausted

Day in, day out, they go to work in a cue to earn a living; to cater to the needs of their family. In some cases, they care for both immediate and extended family members.

These strong people might have kids and have to care for them emotionally, mentally, and morally. Still, they find time to be there for you.

When the strong get tired of being strong, he needs encouragement

They need to know that they have been doing well. If you have one of these strong people around you, make it a goal to ask how they are doing from time to time. If they say "I'm fine" with a smile, ask again.

Encourage them by commending them for how well they have been doing. Thereafter, you can let them know that even if you can't do much for them, you can always offer a listening ear.

Your simple act of kindness could be all the encouragement they need to not give up on themselves and others who depend on them.

When the strong get tired of being strong, they need love and affection

Even a strong person needs a shoulder to lean on. Can you put aside your own problems to be there for him or her?

Be observant. Try to understand their body language and facial expressions. Even when they don't say anything about what they are feeling, their expressions and body language will never lie.

If a strong person has one friend who understands how they feel without speaking, they have found refreshing water in a parched land.

When the strong get tired of being strong, they need a break

Be considerate. Don't let it be that anytime they receive a call from you; they automatically think that there's something wrong again.

Strong people also need a break. A break from their troubles as much as they need a break from yours.

Being self-sacrificing individuals, they put your interest above theirs every time. But ask yourself, when have I never put their interest above mine? When was the last time I tried resolving my issues on my own?

You should learn to deal with your problems from how they have been helping you through them. Let them teach you to be independent.

When they ask, "what do you think you can do in this situation?", don't say "just tell me what to do".

Make an effort to encourage, support, and love the strong people you have around you. Let them know that you sincerely appreciate their presence in your life. Furthermore, be a shoulder for them to lean on. Not only will you learn to be strong too, but you will also keep them strong as well.