When The Mistake Of Your Life Leads You To The Love Of Your Life

One day, you will meet the person who will love you as you have always wanted to be loved.

Let’s be honest. There are few things worse than heartbreak.

You feel so down in the dumps that you doubt you will ever rise again, or even find any joy out of life ever again. It hurts to pour your heart and soul into a relationship and to place so many of your hopes and dreams on it only to see it go down the drain. You give someone all your heart, and all they do is stamp on it.

Ultimately, it did not have to turn out that way. You certainly saw the signs. But you were blinded by love, and the price was a heartbreak. You decided to ignore the destructive and toxic behavior, thinking it was something you could live with, and that you could train him out of it over time. But you never stopped to think about why many others before you tried so hard and failed.

All you could do was wait for him to start treating you better. And you thought he should because you believed he realized how much you loved him. That day never came, but you still held on to the hope that one day it would.

Even your friends warned you, but you could never listen, being so blinded by love. You chose to listen to your heart, and that is the real culprit in the betrayal you suffered. You can surely remember having to text him first, and then having to wait for ages before getting a reply.

And no, it’s not that he was too busy. The problem was that he did not care as much about your feelings, and so giving you a timely response was never a concern for him.

Don’t you remember him making a big deal out of minor situations? You felt stifled and you could never say what was in your heart and on your mind with freedom. He simply never gave a damn about what you had to say. All along, giving you the love you wanted and deserved was never in the cards.

The future you thought he would give you was never going to happen, and he had no intentions of living up to your expectations. He had no desire to help you live up to your dreams.

Quite frankly, he was simply a big mistake, and you see it now.

Now that the love of your life has come into your life, you can see it very clearly. You finally have everything you ever wanted, and you realize you were not so crazy to expect love from your romantic partner.

Sure, after the heartbreak, the wounds were still fresh and you were not ready to let anyone in just yet. You were a bit cautious, and that is to be expected. But you have always wanted true love in your life, and it had come knocking.

He is kind and patient, and more loving than you could imagine. He is always thinking of you. He texts first, and he wants to surprise you with mouthwatering home-cooked meals.

He understands, and he is sensitive. He sees the scars and the flaws, and his desire is to heal your wounds. His love for you is true.

You no longer have to hide your flaws to get love. And so now, there is no time to sit around regretting your past mistakes. You have all you ever wanted out of a relationship and the past does not matter. Your greatest mistake was just a stepping stone towards the love of your life. So today, you are more confident and optimistic about the future than ever before, now that you have the love of your life besides you.