When Love Challenges The Impossible

Everyone has some unique stories to tell, love is in many chapters of our life. Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges, it isn’t perfect, but most of all it is worth the fight to be with the person you love.

She was 24 years old at the time. She was beautiful inside and out. Always smiling or in a good mood. She was simply a ray of sunshine to whoever met her. She always had to be involved in caritative foundations. To help people was her number one priority.

She dated this guy who was just as adorable as her. They knew each other for a while, they were engaged and so in love. They were always having fun, and of course like every couple they had their little fights. One particularity with this couple, was when they fought he always went out to the store. Yes, he was mad, but he came back with her favorite food or some flowers even if she was wrong. So when I was present during their fights, before he left I would say to him don’t forget to buy me something too, and both ended laughing as well.

A simple event can change your life

She was at work and she fainted. They brought her to the hospital. When she could leave her mother picked her up. After this event, she was pale for a few days and she kept telling us she was fine that she just needed some vitamins. We believed her so none of us insisted, we stopped asking about her health. I could notice she wasn’t the same anymore. She was smiling but also with her tears in her eyes. Why did she become different? What was she hiding?

Gone with a simple letter

One day he came home from work. She wasn’t around. He called her no answers. He went to his bedroom and he saw a letter on the bed. She wrote: “I can’t be with you anymore, please don’t look for me”. He called her, again and again, no answer and he reached out to her parents. They told him to leave her alone. He didn’t want to believe it so he looked in the cupboards and all of her clothes were gone too. This guy asked himself did he do something wrong or did she leave him for another guy. He was so confused and mad.

He looked for her for a while then he decided to stop. It was too much to handle driving himself crazy night and day. He just wanted to forget about her. Even me I tried to reach her but nothing so I didn’t insist, deep down, I knew something was wrong.

When the truth came out

Six months later, her parents showed up at his house. Yes, the same ones who told him to leave his ex-fiancee alone. They asked him to pack up some clothes and to go to another town with them. He didn’t want too but I pushed him to go maybe he would get the answers to his questions. He packed up and he left with them. In the car, they told him to prepare himself psychologically. He texted me freaking out and I told him to calm down, maybe he was about to see her.

They arrived at the hospital. In the building, the parents told him to go to one hospital room. Here she was laid down in bed, wearing a wool cap with tears in her eyes. He rushed to her and they held each other. The only reason she left him because she had cancer and she thought she would not make it. After that, he didn’t want to leave her anymore. He took a break from work until she got better.

Their love was stronger than ever

She wrote this painful letter because she had cancer and the doctor told her maybe she wouldn’t be able to have kids. So she wanted him to hate her. She said maybe by writing these painful words he would forget about her faster. She wanted him to find a woman and have kids, ready to sacrifice herself for his well-being. He never wanted to give up on her. Day by day, she started to feel better by his side.

Five years later, she was cancer-free. They got married a year later and then she got pregnant with twins, beautiful baby girls. This doctor was wrong and he was also amazed by her strength. He doesn’t know the power of love and faith that can move every mountain. She was gone with a letter, but he got her back with his love. In deep of his heart, she was the one and nobody else. She was his soulmate and he knew it. This couple was a beautiful chapter in my life. It was one of the purest and strongest love I’ve ever seen.