When It's Real, You Know: Finding The One You Are Supposed To Be With

When It’s Real, You Know: Finding The One You Are Supposed To Be With

You've thought you found "the one" many times before. You now know that wasn't the real deal. Sure, they told you the right words and gave you the fancy gifts. But they didn't bring out that true feeling of love. Maybe you stayed with them for a long time, thinking you knew what love was. Maybe you planned a life with them. But sometimes, when it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

It doesn't matter why it ended. They could have been a great person. But they weren't your person. There was a reason why you decided to move on. It really wasn't meant to be anyway. And you now know why. Because now you have really found the one that was meant for you.

And sometimes that person comes along when you aren't even looking. You've taken the time to be by yourself, to get to know yourself better. When you know who you are as a person, it's easier to find people that you click with.

When you know, you know. Something clicks.

You get to be you. You don't feel like you have to hold back. Not having to change a thing about yourself is one of the most freeing feelings in the world. And this person, your person, makes you feel that way.

In the past, all you wanted was to be wanted.

So you changed yourself in order to be wanted by the other person. You liked what they liked. You became an extension of them. But you weren't "you". This love didn't feel genuine because you weren't free to show your vulnerable side. You had to keep putting on a show. Having to always be "on" is exhausting. You can never relax the way you should be allowed to with someone you love. You shouldn't have to feel so stressed if you are having an off day.

When you can relax and show every side of you, you know you're with the right person. They love every side of you. If they don't love a certain side, at least they accept it as part of who you are. And you feel the same about them. You don't want to change a thing about them. You accept them as they are. Everyone has their faults. You both do. But you are both mature enough to look past those things.

You needed security and past relationships never gave you that.

You always wondered if they would stay no matter what. You wanted to know that they would be there to help you if you needed it. In essence, you wanted a best friend as your partner. But you were always facing your demons alone.

Now you know what it feels like to have someone on your side, even on those days when you aren't very lovable. They see you through the hard times. They aren't absent. They are standing right next to you as you fight your battles. You can trust that they won't leave if things get hard.

You wanted trust.

You needed to know that what your partner was telling you was the truth. You didn't want to wonder if they were being faithful to you. You didn't want to be fed lies just to make you happy. That type of manipulation leaves you wondering if what you feel is even real. There should never be any doubt. But doubt was there.

Once you can fully trust someone, you know you've found the right one.

You never have to question their feelings for you. You never fear they are cheating on you. You know what they say is the truth. And that type of security is priceless. There is no doubt in your mind that they are true to what they say and do.

You weren't happy before. Not truly happy anyway. You knew there was something missing. Maybe this past person checked a lot of your boxes but there was still something that you wanted. Happiness. Having fun is not the same thing as happiness. You weren't laughing as much as you should be.

When he makes you laugh, you know you've found the one.

When it's a normal day, you aren't doing anything fun, and you are still laughing with each other. That's when you know. When he can make you laugh during hard times, hold on to that.

The physical aspect of your past relationship was great before. He was great in bed and pleasured you physically better than anyone could. But is that enough to keep a relationship going? Anyone can perform these acts. Are they really something to build a relationship on? It turns out, that wasn't enough.

A simple hug or kiss can wash your worries away.

It can calm your nerves in an instant. The physical love doesn't have to be in the bedroom, it can be in the middle of the kitchen when you are having a rough day. It doesn't have to be sexual. That simple touch is sometimes all you need. Feeling safe in his big bear hug.

You didn't want to feel so alone anymore.

You were part of a couple but you felt like you were the only one there. This person never got you. They never understood what made you tick. They were always baffled by the way you saw the world.

When you don't have to say anything and they know what you are feeling.

They know something is wrong just by the way you sit or move. They want to know more about those feelings and how they can help. Or they try to fix the problem before they even know what it is. Because they know you and they know how your brain works. You don't have to say a thing.

You never have to question anything anymore. You are loved, you are respected, you are sure this is your person. Your future has them in it. You can't imagine going through life with anyone else. The simple days are wonderful. There is no stress, only happiness. Because when you know, you know. You have found your person.