When It’s Not Your Body, But Your Soul That’s Tired

Some forms of stress go beyond our bodies, minds, and emotions – they get into our souls. And when this happens, our souls can take a break, and from the look of things, it can seem like you are just depressed.

And no amount of physical effort to look positive and vibrant can help us get out of such a state. So, however energetic you look, your soul might still not be in its best shape.

The best thing you can do to heal your tired soul is to give it some time to rejuvenate itself. Your soul should be given time to heal, as you cannot enjoy much else in this world when your soul is tired and downcast within you.

You might not see it or tell where it is in your body, but your soul provides you with a powerful force that brings meaning and joy to your life.

But how do you know it’s your soul that’s tired, and not just your body and your mind?

First of all, you might feel a strong desire to sleep more than normal. Furthermore, even when you are awake, everything you do might seem like a chore. But in most cases, getting out of bed can feel like the most difficult thing in the morning, even after you have had enough hours of sleep already.

The main reason why we might not see we have a tired soul is that we do not give it much thought, to begin with. While all the signs are there, our inclination will be to ignore them until dealing with problems like depression or anxiety.

Signs of a tired soul include a feeling of sluggishness and the appearance that every task we take on is such a huge challenge. Preparing that cup of coffee can feel like a Herculean task when your soul is tired. Additionally, the slightest provocations can have you losing control over yourself.

Some signs that your soul is truly tired include:

– A desire to lie down and rest throughout the day, and a struggle to get up and do something else. In other words, you go about your day feeling like a zombie when your soul is tired. At night, your sleep might be restless, and the dreams vivid and distracting.

– You can get tension headaches and an ache all over your body without any justifiable reason.

– Your emotions might be higher than normal, and you cannot seem to hold back the tears even for the slightest emotional situations.

– You cannot explain to anyone what’s wrong with you, though you know that deep down you are not feeling alright.

– You get the feeling that you are not in the moment, and everything seems confusing and out of place.

– You change from being compassionate and kind to be bitter and resentful.

– You start getting regular chronic panic attacks

– Your muscles and body feel weak, and any exertion, however minor, feels too demanding and exhausting.

– You do not have a clear picture of what your future should be like.

What can you do to heal your tired soul?

There is a long list of reasons your soul can feel tired, and there are also a lot of things you can do about it. For instance, you should get enough rest, take time away from technology, practice yoga, eat healthier, do some breathing exercises, and so forth.

Above all else, make sure you dedicate time to healing your soul – this process takes time. Your life will have more meaning and you will go about your day with more enthusiasm with an upbeat soul.