When Does A Celebrity Crush Become Unhealthy?

When Does A Celebrity Crush Become Unhealthy?

Fancying someone rich, famous, and good-looking is a healthy fantasy. But, when does a celebrity crush become unhealthy?

In discovering sexuality, preteens and teens often create their perfect scenarios where they have "dirty" thoughts about a certain celebrity.

As noted, it's a way to explore deepest desires while still having no real realization about romantic feelings.

Besides, in puberty, our hormones are all over the place. We tend to fall in love every five minutes or so. Even then, and especially in later years, due to disappointments or not finding your place in the dating system, one may easily fall into a trap and mistake faux for real feelings.


Imagining that you and Justin Bieber are a match made in heaven can turn into erotomania, a personality disorder, which suggests that one strongly believes that another individual is in love with him or her.

To prevent that from happening, let's analyze when a celebrity crush becomes unhealthy and what to do to prevent it from going too far.

Why do we get emotionally attached to celebrities?

We see them in their fancy suits, and their lives basically become our lives due to media overexposure and now, social media. We are closer to celebrities than ever, yet they are still as real to most of us and any comic character.


People don't just randomly have unhealthy celebrity crushes. There's always some underlying issue that drives you to become obsessed with a certain actor, rock star, or reality tv star.

Some claim it's due to isolation, lack of social skills, and pretty much not having the right tools to deal with dating in real life.

However, there's more to it. One-sided but intense relationships with superstars are an escape. And always living out of touch with reality is a sure way to feed one's delusion.


People start to think that their star is cute or handsome, but they are soulmates. If you're looking for a moment when does, a celebrity crush becomes unhealthy, that's the one.

Childhood traumas, as well as certain types of depression, will feed on these obsessions. That's when fantasy becomes something more, at least in the person's mind.

These individuals don't see a star. They see someone who will save them from their seemingly dull lives, and poverty, someone who will make everything perfect and shiny.


When does it go from a crush into obsession territory?

Though it's a thin line, the vast majority of people are aware that celebrities are nothing more than ultra-good-looking people. Some are famous and talented, but there's not much else going on.

But they aren't some mythical creatures. They can visit us in our wet dreams. However, it's not like we think about them in any other meaningful way.


Again, puberty is confusing, so these lines are even more blurred. But, people grow out of their little obsessions as soon as they feel something real, from a first date, kiss, etc.

So, there's no exact moment, but there are signs that you're on an obsessive side. Here are some of the most common:

You can't stop daydreaming, watching interviews, and staring at their pictures. When does a celebrity crush become unhealthy? When you're addicted.


You have a feeling that they speak to you or about you on their social media accounts.

Instead of hanging out with real people, you choose to be with your "partner."

You love their family and feel very protective of everyone, apart from their partner.

In fact, you're starting to have an unhealthy hatred for their partners.


You're over making plans, and now you're on a mission to get to know them. And make them fall for you.

And of course, you endorse everything they do while getting into fights with real-life people who aren't that into your celebrity crush.

You're their number one fan and you aren't even aware that you're turning into a fanatic.

The final step is refusing to deal with people from your surroundings. You feel like they are jealous of what you and that star have.


Some people will find this laughable, but it's no joking matter. People end up with restraining orders, and worse, for stalking and spending days in prison or mental health institutions.

What's worse, celebrities are people as well. And despite living their lives in the public eye, they should have some fundamental human rights. Like the right not to find strangers sniffing through their underwear.


How to get over a celebrity crush?

If you think you're experiencing something that's not healthy, it's acceptable to first ask yourself when a celebrity crush becomes unhealthy. The next thing is to get over your crush before it crushes you.

About 90 percent of adults have someone famous they fancy. But, before we get to something a little less formal and a lot more entertaining, let's see how you can help yourself or someone close to get over a celebrity once it's no longer a joking matter.


The first step is to humanize that celebrity. Remember that what you see is a PR product. These stars use professionals to write their tweets, so no, they're not talking about you or to you. They are saying what you want to hear.

Of course, they could be boring, a snob, greedy, or mean since they are merely people, nothing more and nothing less. Not to mention that their lives only appear to be glamorous.


While it may sound heartbreaking, you have less than zero chances to meet them, but would you date someone who knows everything about you? Would you be with someone who worships you over what you post on social media?

Try to engage and invest more time in real-life relationships. From hanging out with your friends to going on dates.

Now, this isn't easy, but it is manageable: remove everything that reminds you of your celebrity crush. It will declutter your mind and help you focus on the next step.


Instead of living in a fantasy world, try to come up with plans for your future. No, you're not allowed to go to Hollywood and stalk Brad Pitt.

So, what's next? Your career? Making a move on that nice guy who's your helping hand? Yes, live here and now, but make plans regarding your life without including your favorite celebrity.

Finally, if you find this is overwhelming, ask for professional help. They will help you understand When a celebrity crush becomes unhealthy. And you'll hear that it's pretty much at the moment it becomes an addiction.


How to create a healthy relationship with good-looking celebrity crushes?

On a lighter note, many couples have lists of celebrities they can sleep with without getting angry at each other. It is not like those couples spend days talking about it. Yet, it's a funny banter, and it can easily become an ongoing joke.


Nevertheless, if your partner doesn't understand that you have a sweet tiny crush with no emotional connection to a famous person, it shows that your partner needs to work on their sense of self-value.

Being jealous of a celebrity is close to unhealthy obsessions some have with superstars. It is quite similar to the question of when a celebrity crush becomes unhealthy.


And of course, you can always have your night with young Leo DiCaprio in Titanic or Lenny Kravitz. Or any celebrity, dead or alive.

A little roleplay doesn't hurt, so spice things up. Of course, if your partner doesn't' t mind being Selena Gomez or Harry Styles for a night. Or Layne Staley, if you ask yours truly.

Since we see celebrities in the way they are presented to us, it's no wonder that we worship them. But, as long as you're not emotionally invested, it can be a fun solo or activity for you and your person.


And of course, a celebrity might have the perfect abs, or the perfect hair, boobs, whatever. But we don't fall in love with all that: we fall for mind and soul, so that's how you know it's even less than a crush.

Admiring someone's work is honorable. But drooling because someone made a song or played a character is nothing more than feeling your everyday life with small excitement.


If at any moment you feel like it's more, take steps to recognize that you need a detox from your crush.

Celebrities are the source of entertainment, so treat them as such. Instead of getting into when a celebrity crush becomes unhealthy, use them for fashion ideas and a little something extra.