When A Strong Woman Says Goodbye There's No Turning Back

When A Strong Woman Says Goodbye There’s No Turning Back

Forget everything that you've heard about women eating bucket loads of ice-cream in bed, dressed in just their pajamas as they binge-watch romantic comedies after a break-up; While that may be true for some, it's not so much for strong women.

She will not try to make you stay with her

A strong woman will respect and calmly accept your decision to end things. She will even help you out the door, and won't try to stand in your way. This woman has had to cut off and separate from other people and things in the past, and she recognizes that sometimes, going separate ways is best for everyone involved.

A strong woman knows that if love is not freely given, it's not worth having

She knows that a relationship should be based on love and mutual respect and that both of these crucial pillars cannot be forced. She knows the right people will freely give these things, and that they will stick around. If you cannot give her these things and decide to walk away, she will gladly let you do so because she knows there is always better out there, and the right person will come along and want to stay.

A strong woman will not beat herself down over your leaving

She recognizes that everyone is responsible for their own choices and actions. She will not try to take on unnecessary blame upon herself, and she will not apologize for being herself. Sure, there may be a lot that she could have done differently, but she will not beat herself up over it because she knows that that ship has already sailed, and she can't change the past.

She will focus on herself, post-breakup

She will mourn the breakup because she is human after all. What she will not do is wallow in that dark place long. Instead, she will pick herself up fast and take this time to redirect her attention and efforts toward herself; doing what she likes and working at accomplishing her goals. Her biggest focus will be on herself, and she will only learn to love herself more and keep doing what she wants.

A strong woman will continue to live her life

Strong women don't let their whole lives revolve around a single person or one relationship. When you decide to walk away, she will still have the rest of her life, her family, her circle of friends, her hobbies, and passions. You may have been her greatest source of happiness for a time, but she knows that you were only a part of it. She will continue to find happiness in other aspects of her life.

She will allow herself to love again

A strong woman knows her worth, and she knows that someone else will come along and see her for who she is, a true gem of a person. She will not let the breakup crash her belief in love, and when the time is right, and the right person comes into her life, she will readily allow herself to love and be loved again.

For a strong woman, when she decides to say goodbye and close the door on you, there is just no turning back for her. She will not allow herself to be stuck in the past. Instead, she will pick up the pieces with all the dignity and poise that she has and move on. Don't even think about trying to come back, because, there's just no turning back with her.