When A Narcissist Says These Phrases, This Is What They Really Mean

When A Narcissist Says These Phrases, This Is What They Really Mean

A relationship with a narcissist is the worst thing that can ever happen to you. Everything in the relationship revolves around them, and they take pleasure in manipulating their partner. A narcissist will destroy you emotionally, and you will end up losing your self-esteem if you don't leave the relationship early. If a narcissist says these phrases to you, they do not mean exactly what you think.

It's not all about you:

Narcissists want to be the center of attention and can't stand if the conversation takes a turn in your direction. If you happen to complain about your needs, a narcissist will turn things the opposite way and even make you feel ashamed for having the needs.

You have trust issues:

A narcissist is never worthy of your trust. If you ever try to raise questions about their trustworthiness they will make you doubt your suspicions. You will be the one with trust issues.

You are jealous and insecure:

A narcissist will want to see you jealous and will not mind flirting with other women in front of you. They love the feeling of power and being desired. A narcissist will get you hooked to the toxic relationship, and they know you are never going to leave them.

We are just friends:

A narcissist always has a side piece who they can call whenever they feel they are bored with you. They will always make you feel jealous knowing there is someone ready to replace you when you leave. They will make you feel like the controlling type whenever you try to complain.

You are crazy:

A narcissist will make you look crazy by always humiliating and provoking you. They will kick out everybody in your life so that you don't have anyone to turn to about their behavior.

You're overreacting:

Whenever you try to react to their behavior, they will always make you feel guilty and doubt yourself. They will make you feel like you only need to trust them and not yourself.

You're oversensitive:

A narcissist takes pride in making you feel insignificant. They will exploit your kindness and good intentions. Whenever you complain about the type of treatment you get, they will make you feel horrible.

I'm sorry you feel that way:

A narcissist never means they are sorry when they say so. The only thing they are sorry about is that they got caught. They don't care about your feelings and will continue to abuse you because they only care about themselves.

I love you:

Don't ever believe that word from your narcissist partner. They are incapable of loving anybody, and the only thing they love about you is the power they have over you. They love how you spend all your time on them, how you are always there for them, and how you are submissive to all their demands.

You'll never find someone like me:

If a narcissist tells you this, you should be happy because finding someone like them is the worst punishment you can do to yourself. What they usually mean by this phrase is that there are people out there who will respect your love and treat you better. However, because they want you to feel worthless, they will make you feel like they are the only good ones on earth.