When A Man Loves You, He Will Never Stop Fighting For You

Here are some cold hard truths you should know about him. He does not mistreat you because he is exhausted. Neither does he seem distant and cold because he is too stressed. The acting out has nothing to do with the fact that he is too busy either. The simple truth is that he is just not fighting for you, and that is because he does not love you.

And on some level, you know this to be the truth. Because you are well-aware of the kind of man he is. It's not like him to be shy and withdrawn. He is not usually intimated by your success or even your strong personality. And it's not that he is afraid of love either.

Yes, he knows you love him, so it's not like he is clueless. It is just that deep down, and he knows he cannot reciprocate the feelings you have towards him. That is why he does not make an effort. Once a man loves you, he does not stop fighting for you, ever.

While it's second nature for men to cherish chasing after you, we all know that it takes that and more to hold on to the good things that come into our lives. Even love, as strong and mysterious it can be, takes hard work and persistence. Even after he gets you, a man who loves you will never stop pursuing you in one way or another.

And by nature, men tend to be a little hands-on as far as love goes. To them, being spectators in loving relationships is not their thing. So, when this happens, it is usually time to do deep soul searching and accept that the man does not actually love you and move on.

It is for this reason that a guy who loves you would never take your affection for granted. He will always desire your attention and your presence.

A guy who is in love with you will never find excuses for not fighting for you; because he would never stop fighting for you in the first place. So, when he tells you he is too busy or has some personal stuff to deal with first, know that he is just not in love with you. To a man who truly loves you, such issues do not matter.

Love exists under all conditions, not when it's convenient for those in love. And your instincts are right in telling you that you should love him by now. Because if he does not already love you, and is instead feeding you one excuse after another as to why he is not all in yet, then you have to accept the bitter reality that he never will.

It's not true that men are really good at hiding their feelings. So, there is absolutely no justification for staying with him when your relationship is clearly not destined to be a loving one. If he loves you, he would not be afraid to admit it.

But the thing with love is, you don't need to hear the words to know if it's there. You can simply watch and see his behavior and tell if he loves you or not.

It's hard to admit that the man you love does not feel the same way, but that is the best thing you can do to avoid getting heartbroken. At the end of the day, you have to accept this bitter reality with humility, muster up some courage to put an end to the relationship, and have faith as you step into the unknown that the right man is still out there for you.

And when that finally happens, you will realize that calling it off with the man who never loved you was the smartest decision you ever made. So, give true love a chance, and find a man who loves you; because that's priceless.