When A Man Is In Love With You, You Will Notice These 15 Signs

When A Man Is In Love With You, You Will Notice These 15 Signs

It's not always easy knowing when a man is in love with you, and you might even give up your one sure shot at real love in a misplaced bout of self-doubt. Most people can only guess what true love should feel or look like.

Unfortunately, many popular notions about true love are all wrong. And shallow romcoms have not helped things.

Pop culture has deceived us that grand romantic gestures are what true love is made of. And so, many ladies miss out on the real deal while waiting for a guy who can give them a random, once-in-a-lifetime romantic gesture that will sweep them of their feet.


But real love is a little more complicated; and subtle.

A guy can love you with all he has and not even mention it, let alone make a fool of himself in public demonstrating it.

To know true love, you have to learn to see the beauty in simpler personal gestures. Instead of stewing in your insecurities and unfounded fears, you can recognize the true love that is right before your eyes by paying attention to these simple signs.


1. When A Man Loves You, You Will Be His Greatest Priority

Even though we are often so busy with life, the things that really matter still get a slot in our schedules. You will see the same thing with a man who loves you.

There is no way a man who loves you will be too busy for you, regardless of how much work or other commitments overwhelm him. He will always make time for you.


Once a man loves you, you automatically become the most important person in his life. So, if you can clearly see how much he makes you a priority, then it's no use asking if he loves you for real.

He truly does. End of story.

2. He Remembers Important Dates

Men are notorious for forgetting important dates, especially anniversaries and birthdays. But a man who loves you and is not trying to make up for some mess he made will easily remember all important dates in your life.


You never have to remind him of birthdays, appointments, and other important dates. That is clear proof that you are always in his mind, and that he cares about you.

Guys don't grow up remembering dates, but girls usually do. So, for a guy to remember all those important dates, then he must really love you.

3. He Notices Things About You Other People Miss

Heck, he might even see things you have never seen in yourself. That is because he watches you more closely than everyone else in the world does.


This man can see how you interact with people, the things you truly love and care about, and how people respond to you.

He does not just see one side of you, but both the good and the bad. And he loves you through and through.

That is also why he will be your most understanding friend because he knows your strengths and weaknesses. He can also give fantastic advice about various things in life because he thinks about you without mixing it up with his own selfish intentions.


4. When A Man Is In Love, He Won't Quit

With most guys, there is usually a deal-breaker, or a messed up event that will make him call it quits. So, if he sticks around even after the nastiest fights, then know that he loves you deeply and is willing to give the relationship his all.

Guys don't hang around unless they know the relationship might have a future they desire. Even if you have been together for years, once a guy doesn't love you anymore, he will quit at the earliest opportunity.


So, if he keeps holding on even after phenomenal fights and disagreements, then that is a clear sign he is totally into you.

5. The Look He Gives You Is Very Special

When a man loves you, you will know it from the way he looks at you. A man who is head over heels with you will not look at you the same way he looks at other women.


With his eyes on you, it will appear like he is looking at a magical creature. You will see a sense of wonder in his eyes because you will be so awesome to him.

Although the look will be intense, it will be nothing like the look of lust you might have seen in other guys, although these are also emotions he will have around you. But overall, you will see a sense of calmness, awe, and delight in his eyes.


And it's not just the way he looks at you, but also how frequently he does it. It's like he cannot keep his eyes off you, regardless of whether you are together or in a social setting.

6. He Loves A Lot Of Things About You

It's hard for someone to love countless things about you. But with real love, this is exactly what happens.

A man who does not truly love you will only appreciate a few things about you. However, when a man loves you completely, he will love so many things about you, even things most people might not like about you.


And it's not because he is insincere, but because he pays so much attention to you that he appreciates a lot more about you than most people.

Even your quirks make you more lovable to him. Besides, a man who loves you embraces you and all your flaws, which is why there is hardly anything he doesn't love about you.

7. He Always Seeks Greater Physical Contact And Intimacy

A man who truly loves you will never have enough of you. He always wants to be around you, touching you.


And it's not just sexual touching, but deep emotional physical intimacy that goes much farther. At any given time, he wants some physical contact between you.

You only see this in a man who loves you selflessly and never wants to let you go.

8. When A Man Is In Love, He Kisses More Passionately

This man will kiss you more passionately, and the kisses will last a lot longer. So, if he used to give you a quick peck and now gives you long passionate kisses, then know that he has fallen deeply in love with you.


As he kisses you, he will hold you with care, play with your hair, and give you the deepest kisses ever.

It is also highly likely that he will say he loves you after or during these amazing moments.

9. When A Man Is In Love, He Listens To You

Men hardly ever listen, and many women complain that their guys hardly hear a word they say. So, when a man really listens to you and cares about what you are saying to him, then take it as a very powerful sign that he has a true love for you.


This kind of man will practically remember everything you have ever told him. And that is very rare and it shows he never tunes out when you are talking to him.

10. He Clearly Wants To Be Part Of Your Life

If he wants to meet your friends and family and makes an effort to enjoy things that you like and take part in activities that delight you, then that man loves you.


He wants the people you care about to think the best of him, and he wants to spend as much time as he can around you.

For this reason, he does all he can to become part of your life.

This guy will also want you to meet the people he cares about because he wants you to feel comfortable in his world.

The total giveaway will be his intention to make you part of his future plans. When he talks about the future, he is very specific about it and the kind of life you could have together.


11. He Can Take A Step Back For Your Case

If you have a man who easily admits to making a mistake just because it's what you expect of him, then know his love for you is true. Saying you are wrong when you are not is one of the hardest and most humiliating things ever.

For someone to do it, they must really treasure something else they stand to lose by standing their ground. In this case, it's your love.


All he wants is the two of you to be back on good terms. He hates upsetting you, which is why he will do whatever it takes to make you feel better, even if it means admitting to a mistake he never made.

12. He Knows What You Like

It might surprise you to hear your man tell you all the things you like, even though you have never made an effort to make him understand all your tastes.


That proves he pays very close attention to you and notices all the things you like or prefer. He knows your favorite movies, celebrities, clothes, foods and so much more.

In fact, from time to time, he makes a gift of something you love to you. It's his way of saying he loves you without saying a word.

13. He Respects You

It's not easy gaining someone's respect. You must have a very good reason to give someone all your respect.


As you know, respect is very important in any strong and stable relationship. So, if a guy respects you and accommodates your wishes, then he must really love you.

And this is not the respect that focuses on a certain attribute of you, but full respect for who you are. A guy who does not love you as much might respect a certain personal trait but not everything about you.

So, if he respects you in every way, be assured that he totally loves you.


14. When A Man Is In Love, Your Happiness Will Be As Important As His

When you truly love someone, you can never be happy if they are not. That makes their happiness as important as your own.

So, whenever you look sad, this man will go out of his way to find out what the problem might be. Similarly, he will not relax until he knows he has done everything in his power to make things better for you.


A man who makes you sad and doesn't seem to care is therefore not truly in love with you. If he was, he would avoid anything that makes you unhappy.

If he constantly makes an effort to make you happy, then that is at least a sign that he loves you.

15. He Is Too Generous With You

When a man is in love, all he wants to do is give and give. It's never about what you can give him or do for him, but what he can do for you.


So, this man will always be thinking of you and your needs. He will be selfless, like a parent to a child.

As you probably know, after truly loving someone, all you want is to cater to their every need. And it has nothing to do with having material things to give, but having a heart that longs to give the object of your affection the very best in life.

This man wants nothing but to make sure you are happy, have a better life, and achieve your greatest dreams.


Some people think that love is a word, but with this man, you will see it in actions. He will hold nothing from you.

So, when a man is in love with you, you will know it very easily; if at all you know what to look at. You will be the center of his world, and you will notice in countless little ways that you are the only woman he truly loves.