When A Guy Stops Texting You Everyday: 21 Meanings

Men can be quite persistent when they are texting a girl they like. So, what happens when he suddenly stops texting you every day? Keep reading to discover 21 of the main reasons why guys may stop texting you.


Whether he has moved on to someone else, wants to gauge your reaction to his silence, or is occupied with some other task, there are many reasons why a guy may stop texting you every day.

1. He Has Moved On

Unfortunately, one of the most common reasons for a man to stop texting is because he has lost interest.

It's unclear whether he's now texting someone else every day or if he's simply taking time to get over your relationship.

2. He Was Playing You

A man may stop texting because he's pursuing other romantic interests.

If a man who used to text you frequently suddenly stops texting and is active on social media, there's a strong possibility that he was playing you.

3. He Thinks He's Wasting His Feelings

Sometimes men may stop texting you every day because they are developing feelings and don't want to waste them.

If a man feels that a committed relationship with you is not possible, he may end all communication in order to avoid heartbreak.

4. He's Going Through Personal Issues

If a man who seemed genuinely interested in you stops texting you regularly, there's a good chance he's dealing with personal issues.

The positive aspect is that if you're patient, he'll start texting again as if nothing happened.

5. He's Testing You

There are numerous reasons why a guy might suddenly break off communication with you, but there's usually a meaning behind it.

More often than you might think, men stop texting to test you and see how you'll react.

They want to see if you'll respond or express how much you miss them.

6. He's Confused

Texting a guy every day can be exciting, but it can also be frustrating, especially when he's unsure about his feelings towards you.

When a man is uncertain about things with you, he may stop texting until he's come to a conclusion.

7. He Doesn't Know What To Say

If your phone conversations and messaging happen daily, and he suddenly stops responding, it's possible that he's ghosting due to a lack of interesting things to say.

Sometimes, guys can be thoughtless, believing they need to always have a captivating conversation topic to keep you engaged.

Thus, if they've chosen to stop texting, it could be because they simply don't know what to say to you anymore.

8. He's Afraid Of His Emotions

Males are not always as fearless as they want women to believe. When it comes to expressing their feelings, they might be intimidated.

Hence, if he is intimidated by his emotions, it's not surprising that he ceased texting you daily if it feels like too much work.

9. You Scared Him Off

Some men are not fit for relationships and the closer they get, the more they want to distance themselves.

If you talk and message on the phone frequently, he could be scared that you already view the two of you as dating.

If he's not ready for a relationship, it might scare him and prompt him to stop texting.

10. He's Seeing Someone Else

One of the key reasons why men and women might stop texting each other regularly is that they've started seeing someone else.

The real concern here is whether you were the main person in his life, or just someone on the side.

11. He's Ghosting You Back

If you've previously stopped texting him, and he felt ghosted, he might be ghosting you in return to seek revenge.

If you two are always in contact with each other over the phone, he might just be waiting for you to feel the same way he did when you stopped texting him.

12. He Was Abducted By The Mothership

The possibility of your guy stopping texting because he was abducted by a group of aliens while they were joyriding through the Milkyway is one in a billion.

The good news is that as soon as he's dropped back off on Earth by the mothership, you'll probably hear from him immediately.

13. He Was Murdered

Life is not always perfect, and there are seasons for everything, including the potential loss or disappearance of your significant other.

If he has not contacted you via text message in the recent past, after previously texting you regularly, it may be possible that he has been hacked and disposed of in a komode.

14. He Doesn't Know How To Handle Your Family

If a man is not accepted by your family and friends, or does not feel as though he is, your relationship or dating life may become complicated.

Another possibility is that he is not texting you because he is occupied with purchasing the best family-sized totes to throw your family and friends into a nearby lake or river, so he can have you all to himself.

15. He Lost Interest Suddenly

Although it often seems unreasonable, it can occur that everything is fine one day and then suddenly, the next day, he loses interest in you.

The truth is that he was probably not that invested in you from the start, or he is just feeling bored.

16. He Doesn't Know If He's Into Men Or Women

No woman wants to hear or consider that the reason he stopped texting could be due to confusion about his sexual orientation.

Depending on your level of closeness, he may or may not get back in touch with an explanation. Nevertheless, this is a delicate topic, so don't count on it.

17. He Thinks You're Into Someone Else

Some men become jealous of other men who spend time with you. Even if you are not attracted to them, your partner may perceive coworkers or friends as potential romantic rivals.

If they become convinced that you are interested in someone else, they are unlikely to wait for clarification and will simply stop communicating with you.

18. He Wants You To Ask Him To Come Back

If you have been dating and he suddenly stops texting, he may be testing to see how strongly you feel about the relationship.

What he truly wants is for you to express your preference for him and for him to return.

19. He's In Space, Saving The World From A Giant Asteroid

Although it is the least likely scenario, it is worth keeping an open mind and accepting what he tells you as the truth.

If he goes missing for two weeks and reappears, claiming to have been in space saving the world from a giant asteroid, consider that it may be true.

20. He's Playing Call Of Duty With The Guys

Men can behave playfully when they are with their closest friends. So, if he is usually easily reachable and texts you regularly but suddenly becomes unresponsive, he could be playing Call of Duty with his buddies.

The positive aspect of these ghosting sessions is that they usually only last for a few hours, not days, nights, or weeks.

21. He's Secretly Batman And Is Off Saving Gotham

Life-altering events often occur without warning.

When communication with a significant other ceases, including absence from social media and the appearance of dating someone else, the possibility of their secret double life as a crime-fighting hero can't be ruled out.


Uncertainty regarding a partner's behavior can be stressful, and this is the exact predicament created when they stop texting and go missing.

The following are a few ways to handle the situation when your significant other stops texting:

Stay Calm

Remain calm when communication frequency decreases. There could be numerous reasons for the change.

Instead of making assumptions, attempt to initiate a conversation.

Consider The Possibilities

Before jumping to conclusions, examine the full spectrum of reasons why they've stopped texting.

Was an argument the cause? Could your friends or family have upset them? Ultimately, you must get to the truth through direct communication.

Reach Out

Instead of making assumptions, reach out to them for clarification. If they truly care, they will respond even if they've temporarily stopped texting.

Making contact shows that you've noticed the change and that you care. It's a good opportunity to express that you miss them.

Say You're Sorry

If you were the cause of any friction, apologizing can be a step towards resolving the issue.

Keep in mind, they may not directly ask for an apology or express hurt feelings. Honesty is key when considering why communication has ceased.

Accept His Apology

When conversation resumes, be willing to accept their apology for not texting as frequently.

If the relationship is important to you, it should take priority over temporary changes in communication.

Be Supportive

Based on the individual, they may take their time reaching out after a period of ghosting.

If a guy you're talking to stops texting you as often, it might be up to you to reach out to him, whether through text or a phone call. You can offer him a little bit of support and understanding to help him get back on track.

Tell Him To Get Lost

In the unfortunate event that the guy breaks your heart by stopping communication, don't hesitate to tell him to hit the road.

Before you do so, you can send one final text wishing him luck in life and suggesting he go straight to hell. Then block his number so he can't respond.


What Does It Mean When A Guy Slows Down Texting You?

When a guy's text messages become less frequent, it could be because he is uncertain about your relationship status, has run out of things to say, suspects you have feelings for someone else, is dating someone else, or is simply occupied with other aspects of life.

Why Do Guys Stop Texting As Often?

Sometimes, guys will cut back on texting because they feel like they are not making any progress with you and are just wasting their time. It could also be because they are busy or are seeing someone else.

Why Does He Go Silent For Days?

There are countless reasons why a guy may become unresponsive for a period of time. Some of the most common causes include being occupied with life, having personal issues, thinking you're seeing someone else, or already being in a relationship with a girlfriend or spouse.

Why Do Guys Text Sporadically?

Men are often known for texting sporadically, especially at night or after a few drinks. But why? Despite what you may think, it's not because they believe they are boring to you or that you're into someone else. In fact, they text unexpectedly because they can't stop thinking about you.