When A Guy Sends You A Heart Emoticon: 20 Meanings

Among all the emojis men send, the heart emoji is often the most emotionally impactful. But what does it signify when a man sends you a heart emoji?

Explore 25 of the most common interpretations of heart emoticons sent by men in the article below!


The true meaning behind a heart emoji from a guy is:

1. He Loves You as a Friend

Initially, a man who loves you as a friend may send you multiple heart emojis. This is not significant, as they often send them to a wide range of people, including female friends, male friends, and others.


However, if he sends you heart emojis frequently, especially accompanied by flirtatious messages, it may indicate that his feelings for you are growing beyond just friendship.

2. He's In Love With You

One of the primary meanings of a heart emoji from a guy is romantic love. If he is in love with you, he may send heart emojis constantly, both day and night.


If the sender is not your boyfriend or a coworker, pay attention to the frequency of heart emojis in his text messages. A high amount may indicate that he is in love or falling in love with you.

3. He Is Grateful Towards You

At times, when a man sends you a heart emoji, it's to express gratitude. It could be a sign of appreciation for your presence in their life or for a specific thing.


These heart emojis are sent from a kind and caring place, not as a sign of romantic or physical attraction.

4. You Are a Source of Happiness To Him

If you bring happiness to a man, he may use heart emojis as a way of expressing it. Each time he sends you a heart, it is a reminder of the joy you bring to his life.

For a man, his significant other is the center of his world, the source of his happiness. A single heart emoji cannot fully express his feelings, so he may send them frequently as a way of showing his love.


5. You Give Him Hope About Something

At times, a man may send you a heart emoji when you bring hope to their life. It is a way of acknowledging and appreciating your efforts.

However, their hope may also be related to romantic feelings towards you. So, be cautious of flirtatious messages and heart emojis, ladies!

6. He's Flirting With You

When a man flirts with you, whether in person or through text, he may begin or end the interaction by sending multiple heart emojis.


Don't assume that heart emojis indicate love or flirting, especially if they're not red. Blue and purple heart emojis are rarely used romantically.

7. He Has Romantical Feelings For You

When someone has romantic feelings for you, they will often use red, pink, or heart-eyed emoji in their messages.

It's important to understand the different meanings of heart emojis, as not all of them convey romantic love.


8. It's His Way of Showing Affection

Some men may struggle with expressing their affection, but their smartphones often provide easy access to heart emojis through suggestions.

In addition to heart emojis, men who use emojis to show affection may also send hug or angel face emojis in their messages to you.

9. It's a Sign That You Bring Him Pleasure

Men who want to express the enjoyment you bring them, whether sexually or mentally, are likely to send numerous heart emojis.


If they are referring to sexual pleasure, they may also send the smirk emoji with a suggestive image.

The winking and heart-eyed emoji are also likely to be frequently used by them.

10. He Has Fuzzy Feelings Towards You

If a man has strong romantic feelings for you, he is likely to frequently use heart emojis in his messages to you, especially if something reminds him of you.


It's important to note that his romantic feelings may be genuine or they may stem from a more physical attraction.

11. He Sent the Wrong Emoji

Occasionally, an unintended emoji may be sent during a conversation between you and the man you are exchanging messages and emoji with.

This can include heart emoji, which may be fortunate or unfortunate depending on your feelings towards the man.


12. He Sent the Text To the Wrong Person

It is possible that a heart emoji received from one of the men in your contacts is accidental. Sometimes people make mistakes and send the wrong message. There is not much that can be done in such cases.

However, if you have positive feelings towards the man, the accidental heart emoji can be a chance to flirt back or initiate a conversation by asking him what he's doing and suggesting you do something together. When faced with an opportunity, it's best to try to make the most of it.


13. He's Angling For a Long Term Relationship

If a friend has been using significantly more heart emojis in their messages to you, they may be looking to turn the friendship into a romantic relationship.

Whether you've gone on a few dates with him or have just met, a large number of heart emojis in messages may indicate that he wants to be in a romantic relationship with you.


14. It's a Good Sign That He Really Cares

A strategically placed heart emoji from a man can be seen as a clear indication of his genuine affection and desire to express it to you.

If you reciprocate his feelings, it's a good opportunity to communicate this to him or show your affection by sending a heart emoji back.

15. He's Feeling Bold At the Time

Men may become more daring in the late hours, potentially due to alcohol, and this may extend to the messages they send to a girl they are interested in via text.


If you're the object of his affection, you can expect late-night text messages filled with hearts, smiley faces, and declarations of his strong feelings, along with explanations of why he feels you should be more than just friends.

16. Sending Girls the Heart Emoji is Part of the Male Psychology

The hero archetype is deeply ingrained in human psychology, thus men will always send heart emoticons to women, unless evolution eliminates our ability to use thumbs or phones are no longer produced.


Ladies, it's possible that the man sending you a heart emoji is driven by an innate urge that is woven into his being and encoded in his DNA. It's an instinctual part of who he is.

17. There is a Deeper Meaning Behind it

Typically, a heart emoji is just a simple symbol of affection, but at times, it can hold a deeper significance.

For instance, sending a heart emoji can mean "I love you more than anything in this world and would go to great lengths for you."


The issue with these kinds of messages is that they may not be immediately recognizable, unless the sender provides additional hints.

18. He Thinks You're a Sweet Girl

Men sometimes send heart emojis to women they consider to be special, which may be a clichéd notion, but the creation of the emoji itself suggests that it still holds relevance.


If a man thinks you're sweet and you're having a text conversation, don't read too much into it if he sends you a heart emoji. It doesn't necessarily indicate a desire to date you, just that he finds you charming.

In fact, a heart emoji can also be received from a man who is already happily married or in a committed relationship.

19. He Wants to Have Sex With You

Lastly, a man sending heart emojis could be a clear indication that he wants a sexual relationship with you. If it's not sent out of love, admiration, or to boost your mood, it's likely that he desires a physical encounter.


Your interpretation of the meaning behind a man's heart emoji depends on various factors, such as the individual, your relationship status, and many other elements.

20. Using Flirty Emojis is Just His Thing

Sending flirty emojis, including hearts, is a common practice for some men, but it doesn't necessarily imply that they are actually flirting with you.


That's the challenge with these sorts of messages. It can be difficult to determine whether they are genuinely flirting or simply sending emojis, such as hearts, smileys, and angel faces, as a habit.


A man sending a heart emoji has a multitude of meanings and numerous options for a response. However, before responding, it's important to understand your own feelings towards it.


Once you've assessed your thoughts on the heart emojis he's sending, you can then:

Send Him A Heart Back

Sending a heart emoji back to him is an effective way to show that you appreciated his message and are reciprocating his feelings.

However, it's important to keep in mind that if he sent the heart with romantic intentions, your response may raise his expectations for a romantic relationship with you.


Ignore It altogether

If you don't reciprocate the romantic emotions he's expressing through heart emojis and other couple symbols, it's okay to simply not respond and ignore them.

If he has an astute understanding, as many men do, he will eventually understand the lack of response.

Let Him Know You Appreciate Him Too

When a man sends you a heart emoji to express gratitude, responding with a similar emoji indicates that you reciprocate his feelings of appreciation.


Sending a red heart emoji or a blue heart emoji is a way to express appreciation and show that you reciprocate the positive feelings the guy has sent through his heart emoji.

Ask Him to Hang Out

If you have a strong interest in the guy, sending a kiss emoji or a winky face along with a question about his current activities can express your affection and spark further conversation.


If you're feeling confident, you could take a risk and inquire if he'd like to meet up.

Let Him Know You're Just Friends

It's also okay to let a guy know that you're only interested in a platonic relationship. This could save him from disappointment and can actually be a considerate act.

Informing a guy of your just-friend stance can save him from potential heartache and help him move on gracefully.


Flirt With Him

Interpreting the meaning behind hearts sent by guys can be complex, but if you've determined that the hearts were sent in a flirtatious manner, take it as a chance to reciprocate the flirtation.

Keep in mind that the emojis a guy uses can often reveal how he truly feels. So, if he sends heart eyes, it's a clear indication that he is interested in you.


What Does a Red Heart From a Guy Mean?

The red heart emoji, when sent by a guy, is generally a symbol of romantic feelings, including love, attraction, and adoration. However, the meaning can vary based on the person and the context, and it could also represent respect, compassion, or support. The most common interpretation of the red heart is love, sex, and affection, regardless of the sender's gender.


What Does a Double Heart Mean From a Guy?

Double hearts often symbolize extra strong love, close relationships, or intense emotions. They are commonly sent by your closest friends, fans, or romantic partners. The double heart represents the same things as the standard red heart, but with an added emphasis on these feelings.

Are All Heart Emoticons Romantic?

Not all heart emojis have a romantic connotation. Hearts in other colors like blue, purple, green, yellow, and black may convey emotions such as sadness, platonic love, respect, support, and community, instead of romance. The pink or red hearts are typically associated with love, sex, and adoration.