When A Guy Says You're Awesome – What It Means & How To Respond

When a man says you're awesome, it indicates he perceives something unique about you. However, the meaning can vary depending on the situation.

Let's delve into the details and discuss the significance of a man telling you that you're awesome.


1. He Considers You a Great Friend

When a man says you're awesome, it signifies that he recognizes a significant aspect in your friendship. You are a constant support for him, and he greatly treasures the connection you both share.


2. He Thinks You Have Great Taste

When a man says you're awesome, it implies that he holds a high regard for your taste. He may admire your preferences in music, fashion, films, etc.

3. He Thinks You're Super Nice

When a man says you're awesome, it means he considers you to be extremely kind. He may express this if you consistently treat him and his friends with kindness or if he believes your intentions are genuine.


4. He Thinks You're Funny

When a man says you're awesome, it could indicate that he finds you amusing. He may state this if he has observed a unique aspect of your sense of humor or because he relishes spending time with you and sharing laughs.

5. You're Like "One Of The Guys"

Men appreciate it when women can socialize with a male group and connect with them comfortably. If a man tells you that you're awesome while you are in the company of his friends, he is conveying that you are welcomed as part of the group, even if you are the only female present.


This could be perceived as the "friend zone", but it has also been known to mark the start of a more profound relationship.

6. He's Encouraging You to Do Your Best

When a man says you're awesome, it signifies that he is aware of your strengths and wants to motivate you. He may offer support or encouragement during difficult times or when things don't go according to plan. In this scenario, embrace his uplifting words with gratitude.


7. He's Impressed or Intimidated By You

When a man says you're awesome, it could indicate that he thinks you have exceptional abilities and is greatly impressed. He may also feel intimidated, and has taken notice of your impressive qualities, either positively or negatively.

8. He Thinks You're Cool

Are you often sociable and well-liked? It's possible that your guy is recognizing this and telling you that you're awesome because he thinks it's impressive. He may aspire to be at your level when it comes to socializing and having a wide network of connections.


9. It's A Gentle Letdown

When a man says you're awesome, it could be his method of declining your advances in a gentle manner. If he does not want to pursue a romantic relationship, this is one way of doing so without being harsh. It can also imply that although he has some level of affection, it is not enough for him to pursue a deeper relationship.



What are some appropriate responses to a guy saying 'you are awesome'?

A playful response could be to question his statement and ask for clarification, for example: 'What do you mean by that? We're just friends.'

When a guy says 'you are awesome', sometimes he's referring to the strength and value of your friendship. In this case, you could express gratitude with a response like: 'Aww, thank you!' or show appreciation for him.


If a man compliments you with "you're awesome" in a social setting with his friends, respond with a showing of gratitude such as "You too!" or a similar expression.

It is possible that he perceives the friendship to be thriving. In this scenario, you could express your contentment with "I'm glad!" or express your delight in having a friendship with him by saying "It feels great to have a friendship with you."


If he perceives the friendship as relaxed and secure, express your agreement with statements such as "Yes! I agree. We're amazing friends," or show your appreciation for being his friend by telling him how much it means to you.

If you're uncertain of his intended meaning, consider asking clarifying questions such as "What do you mean?" to provide him the opportunity to expand upon his statement, avoiding any potential awkwardness or confusion in your interaction.


If you suspect that he's complimenting you as a way of cushioning the impact of rejection or a breakup, you can respond with gratitude by saying "I appreciate it" or acknowledge his honesty by saying "Thanks for being honest. It does hurt, but I do understand."

It's crucial to not allow the compliment of "awesome" to inflate your ego. This statement from a man is not a definitive validation of your personal worth and should not be interpreted as such. Respond with an open, positive demeanor and maintain a lighthearted approach.



Hearing that you're awesome is not a definite indicator of a man's view of you as unique and special. To determine if he perceives you in this manner, keep an eye out for other indications, such as:

1. He Doesn't Say It To Everyone

If a man frequently compliments other women as being awesome, it may indicate that he uses the expression in a general sense. However, if you're one of a select few who receive this compliment from him, it could hold more significance.


2. He Gives You His Time and Attention

If a man is constantly preoccupied with thoughts of you and gives you his full attention, it's a noteworthy indication of something special. If he is solely focused on you and appears disinterested in other women, it may imply that he views you as more than just a friend.

3. He Gives You Compliments

In addition to "you're awesome," he may also express his admiration with compliments such as "you're beautiful" or express his enjoyment of your company by saying "I love being around you."


When a man expresses admiration through compliments such as "you're beautiful" or "I love being around you," it may indicate that he perceives the relationship as more than just friendship. Additionally, if a man is making many compliments and trying to win your affection while maintaining physical boundaries, it's a sign of flirting and he may be expecting you to initiate the next move.

4. He Asks You to Hang Out

If a man desires your company frequently and asks you on dates or to hang out, it may suggest that he values your presence in his life beyond just a friendship. If he takes the lead in making plans and initiating activities more often than you do, it's a clear indication that he feels a strong connection to you.


5. His Body Language Seems Interested

During a conversation, a man may exhibit signs of interest by leaning in towards you, frequently smiling, or maintaining open body language in your presence.

If he displays these signs of interest in your friendship, it could signify that his feelings for you are evolving and becoming more meaningful.

6. He Asks About You

When a man inquires about personal topics such as your interests or background, it could indicate a desire to learn more about you as a person.


He may also inquire about recent events, like "how was your weekend?" or "what's new?" as a subtle way of indicating a deeper interest in getting to know you.

7. He Helps You Out

He might also offer assistance, such as helping with homework, lending a favorite book, or letting you borrow an item of his.

He may also offer to assist with larger tasks like moving heavy furniture, fixing a car issue, or organizing your closet.


If a guy is spontaneously offering to help you with tasks and chores, even if you didn't ask, it's a sign that he views you as someone important and valuable to him.